🌏Virtual Gathering With International Friends 💻

International Travelers in Hong Kong
International Travelers in Hong Kong
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Stay home, stay safe and stay connected with the world.
Get matched with international friends and chat about anything in small groups. 🧑👩🧕🦹‍♀️👨‍🦳👨‍🦱👵🧕👲🎅👨‍🚀🧛‍♀️

📅How can I join? 📆

1) You can reserve your spot using this link https://mosaicmeet.com/hongkongzone/e/online-meetup-2021-10-03
2) Please also press “Attend” on Meetup.
3) We’ll send a Zoom link at least 10 minutes before the event starts.

💲How much does the event cost? 💳

You can choose to attend with Free or Premium (USD $2 per event). Meet up to friends of 12 nationalities with Premium. You will only meet up to 3 nationalities if you choose Free. We collect payment when you reserve your spot on our website.

📜Tell me about the rundown. 🧾

1) Get excited in the virtual lounge. You are about to meet some awesome people from all around the world.
2) You will be matched with international friends. Chat comfortably in groups of 3-4 in a breakout room.
3) Your “seat” will be moved every 15 minutes. Meet the most people in a single event.

📣Some reminders from us: 📌

- Please be friendly and respectful.
- Please arrive on time.
- If you can no longer make it, please update your RSVP so someone on the waiting list can join.

💡Check out our conversation starters🤟
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