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The IEA are a proudly supportive community for international entrepreneurs and creative professionals alike. We are an inclusive network, that provides the ideal space to educate, support and assist first generation migrants and refugees to start scalable startups in Victoria. Australia’s migrants and refugees are integral to our country’s beautifully diverse culture, each with their own unique knowledge and business experiences to share. The IEA takes it one step further, in providing a strong community hub of personal benefit, inspiration, job and networking opportunities to our members.

Let’s connect, network, and support each other through to a strong start. Together we can integrate successfully and grow prosperously in Australia.

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HQ Tech Tank: Circularity

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Circularity Event In this upcoming event of the HQ Tech Tank series, we will explore Circularity, the future of sustainability, and the technologies that will empower us to live in better harmony with the environment. Every day, it becomes clearer to us that we can’t continue consuming our planet’s resources as we do now. If we are to survive as a species, if we want to guarantee a bright future for our children where resources are sustained and reachable for everyone, we have to change the way we run our economy from the ground up. Recycling is helping, but only partially. To reach real sustainability through a circular economy, we have to fulfil all three pillars: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Advanced technologies have to go hand-in-hand with sustainably designed economic and production systems. In this event, we will discuss what circularity implies for our future and explore the emerging technologies that will enable it. Agenda 6:00- Intro about the HQ and the Tech Tank 6:10 - Intro about our guest 6:15 - Moderated discussion 7:00 - Q&A 7:30 - Close About the HQ Tech Tank Series AI, Big Data, Self-Driving, Mixed Reality and IoT are hot buzzwords that you need to know. But what do these disruptive technologies really mean for us and the future that we’re creating? To uncover the real-world implications of these technologies, Hatch Quarter experts have developed a Tech-Matching Matrix to explain how emerging technologies apply to specific industries and elements of everyday life in a simple and comprehensive manner. Each event will explore a specific industry, featuring a panel of those at the forefront of emerging technologies, including industry experts, academics, corporates, and government to reveal future trends, and exchange ideas.

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HQ Tech Tank: Energy

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