Day trip TEOTIHUACAN EXPRESS from Mexico City - 8 HOURS (archeological site)

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Let´s explore the amazing archeological site Teotihuacán!

This is a complete visit to the highlights and hidden gems of Teotihuacan, exploring the Pyramids of the Sun, the Moon and the Feathered serpent + it´s Palaces and murals. With good logistics, specialist certified guide and without losing time in unwanted stops in for example the souvenirs stalls. We will adjust to your preferences; small groups! In English and Spanish.

Teotihuacán is an Unesco world heritage site and the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas.

At its zenith, in the first half of the 1st millennium AD, Teotihuacan was the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas, with a population estimated at 125,000 or more, making it at least the sixth largest city in the world during its epoch.

The city is thought to have been established around 100 BC, with major monuments continuously under construction until about 250 AC. The city may have lasted until sometime between the 7th and 8th centuries AD, but its major monuments were sacked and systematically burned around 550 AC.

Payment in advance; by cash deposit at any Oxxo or cash deposit at any Banamex bank. From abroad payment posible by Transferwise.

Price: PROMOTION 550 Mexican pesos. Includes private transport for our group and certified guide, in English and Spanish. Bring your credencials (residency, student or teacher), or pay the entrance of 75 MXN.

Reserve ideally 3 to 5 days before the tour.

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Let´s explore México together :-). Day tour from Mexico City.
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