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Day trip exploring Chimalhuacán, Chalco and Tlapacoya (town and archeological)

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Let´s visit 2 beautiful archeological sites in the State of México and the beautiful town of Chalco.

Mexico has currently 187 archeological sites open to the general public, 50 of which we can explore on different day trips from Mexico City. Let´s explore them little by litte, together with Aztec Explorers.

¨Place where there are shields¨.
Seven and a half centuries ago, three Chichimeca lords arrived in Chimalhuacán (abandoned since the fall of Tula), and re-founded a city which became a great Acolhua capital. As a testimony they left the Tecpan, the superb palace of their Tlatoani (chief), and a great number of excellent sculptures, which was their main activity.

Chalco is a city with a beautiful main square and a large monastery; it name is Nahuatl, and comes from Challi: "lake edge", and Co: "place" therefore both words together mean "on the edge of the lake".

¨The washing place¨.
A very ancient site in the Valley of Mexico, on the shore of Lake Chalco, which is practically dry today. It was one of the earliest ceremonial centers in Mesoamerica. Human remains from the site date back 25,000 years and the site is famous for its small female clay figures.

The price is 550 Mexican Pesos, and incluides private transport for our (small) group and explanations in English and Spanish, tour in tepotzotlan, Make the correspondent payment 3 to 5 days before the tour.

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Let´s explore México together :-). Day tour from Mexico City.
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