• Café de la Lengua Española


    Dear Friends!! A word of caution to those of you who wish to take part in our Sunday group event for advanced Spanish speakers - we are an active group of people (native speakers and those who spent many years in Spanish-speaking word)- meeting to chat about a whole range of different topics. If your Spanish level is that of a beginner, you might struggle to keep up with the conversation. Our group is not a workshop for improving Spanish communication skills but rather an informal get-together to use the already mastered fluency in the Spanish tonge!! Como su nombre indica, es un evento para hablar exclusivamente español y es necesario tener un nivel adecuado para poder participar en las conversaciones y disfrutar del evento. El local al que vamos ahora ha cambiado de nombre. Se llama City of Angels, y además de la comida californiana, sigue teniendo también comida mexicana. Invita a tus amigos y anímales a pasar un rato agradable con nosotros (nos encanta conocer gente nueva!!). Más se encuentra en el distrito 8 entre las estaciones de metro U2 Rathaus y U6 Josefstädterstraße. Alternativamente puedes venir usando los tranvías 5,33, 43 y 44 y el autobus 13A. Este evento ha sido publicado en Couchsurfing, Internationals In Wien (Meetup) y en Polyglot. No olvides compartir el evento con otras personas interesadas y recomendar a tus amigos que se apunten a nuestro grupo de Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/426629184137458/

  • Speed Friending ⭐ Make New Friends 🤟 Outdoors

    JOIN our Group NOW: https://www.facebook.com/groups/speedfriending.at/ ------------------------------------ **Before arrival** • Bring existing friends if you have any • IMPORTANT: Bring a pen • Location: Follow the PIN to our Google Maps Location "Jesuitenwiese" ------------------------------------- **Upon arrival** 1. Ask the organizers with the yellow vest for the "welcome package" 2. Follow instructions from the envelope 3. Hangout while we wait for all to arrive, around 5:30pm we will start 4. You have 4 minutes to talk in pairs, when the gong sounds, you will switch partners, don't forget to write down your partner's number if you wish to meet them in the future 6. At the end we will have a more open round where we put more people together to chat. ------------------------------------- **Next day** - We will send the individual matches (pairs) - We will send the group matches (teams) ++ We will have breaks in-between. ++ ++ You can come/leave anytime ++ ++ Snacks / Drinks included ++ Entry is 5 EUR!

  • Short Hike - Heurigen

    Vienna, Vienna Hütteldorf

    PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE FOR A RESERVED SPACE AT THE HEURIGEN! MEETING POINT: inside endstation of subway line U4 - just there, where you leave the train. Please be in time! We will make a short hike to Western Vienna Forrest. If the weather is fine, we will go from Exelberg to Hameau. After not more than 2-3 hours, we will reach the small village of Neustift am Walde, and visit heurigen "Friseurmüller". WEATHER FORECAST: https://www.wetter.at/wetter/oesterreich/wien/weidlingau/prognose/9-tage https://wetter.orf.at/wien/prognose Rainfalls during the week may cause muddy ground conditions, therefore the route may be adapted. For Saturday, we can look foreward optimistically! Watch this webpage in the days before the hike, to get up-to-date informations. Last station of autobus 35a is near to the heurigen, therefore it will be easy to return to the city. Please send me a message, if you want a reserved space at the heurigen. Communication in English is recommended, but not obligatory. Please make sure that nobody feels excluded. The hike is not a guided tour and you have full responsibility for your safety. Participation is at your own risk!

  • Border Hopping Hike to Sopron

    Hauptbahnhof Wien, Suedtiroler Platz, Wiedner Guertel, Wien

    I would like to promote this trip / hike / picnic from Baumgarten - Schattendorf into Sorpon / Hungary The trip would include: - a train ride from Wien Hauptbahnhof to Baumgarten - Schattendorf in Burgenland - a hike (approx. 3,5h) from Baumgarten - Schattendorf into Sopron via the green hills in the South of Sopron including great views over the city - a little picnic overthere - touring the city of Sopron -Train ride back to Vienna all expenses carried by one self, but depending on the means of trainsport we choose we could maybe share a OEBB "Einfach-raus" ticket. Please be aware that we will be crossing an international border, therefore make sure you are eligible to do so (ID card, passport, visa etc.) Also, as Hungary does not use the EURO as currency it might be recommendable to carry some small amount of Forint with you. Though I will some with me, and might be able to help out. Also in Sopron the Euro is widely accepted.

  • Hiking-Tour Hintere Ötschergräben

    Parkplatz Erlaufklause

    ATTENTION!!! Due to bad weather forecast the hike is moved to next week => 18th May Dear Hiking Fans, One day before Mother’s Day I plan a hike in the "Tal der stürzenden Wasser". The "Hintere Ötschergräben" with steeply rising canyon walls and powerful waterfalls offer with their beautiful landscape a wonderful hiking experience. Who would like to join? MEETING-POINT Parkingspace Erlaufklause (500 m west of station Erlaufklause) 3224 Josefsrotte, Ötscherstraße 10 Coordinates[masked],[masked] Parking fee per day: 4, - EUR (you need coins !!!) We will start at 10:05 latest! ROUTE Parklatz Erlaufklause - Forsthaus Hagengut - Mühlbachgraben - Ötschergräben - Ötscherhias – Mirafall - Greimelsteg - Schleierfall - Greimelsteg - Greimelgraben - BREAK: "Schutzhaus Vorderötscher" (www.naturpark-oetscher.at/vorderoetscher) - Ötscherstraße - zurück zum Parkplatz Erlaufklause PLANNED ROUTE https://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=qwaxvyiunatcjrcq HIKE-DETAILS 16 km approximately 410 m ascending and descending 4,5 hours approximately (walking time without breaks) REQUIRED: Sure-footedness No fear of heights Sturdy walking shoes WEATHER FORECAST FOR OUR ROUTE https://www.bergfex.at/sommer/mitterbach-am-erlaufsee/wetter/prognose/#day0 Looking forward to many fit hikers! Best wishes Annemarie & Lina NOTE When you have registered, please come reliable! Thx ;-) This hike is posted on Groops as well! Participation at your own responsibility and risk!

  • Run+B-fast

    Schonbrunn U-Bahn Stop

    Hi running fellows! (Check out the map (https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zGUV5tkKGLu4.khisxlaIowFA).) Would you like to join the running group that has the most fun? Are you brand new to running? Are you an ultra-elite distance runner? Are you just an average runner looking for a fun group of people to go running with? This is the group for you! We will have weekly fun runs every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM and BREAKFAST (yes, breakfast!) at 10:40 AM. Come join us! Tell your friends. Invite your uncle. Run with your cape. Want to run with your iPod and not talk to anybody? That's fine! Want to discuss politics and the best recipes for banana pancakes? Whatever. No commitment necessary. No dress code enforced. Meet Mitch, Joanne or Stevan sharp at 9:30 AM, outside the U-Bahn stop (exit Grünbergstrasse) next to the magazine kiosk. We'll split up into groups depending on the turnout for distance and time goals for 3, 5 or 6 mile loops. It's your choice! What to expect: a seriously fun group of runners who definitely do not take running too seriously. We will meet, chat, RUN, stretch, chat, EAT BREAKFAST and then leave. It's that easy. The more the merrier! Breakfast Details: Between 10:40 and 11:30 (depending on how long we run) we go for b-fast. Usually at the pastry shop Anker close by the U4 Hietzing station. Please join us for breakfast after the run! ALL ABILITY LEVELS ARE WELCOME!!! WE RUN IN ALL LANGUAGES!!! Happy Run! Mitch, Joanne and Stevan P.S.: You are welcome to come for a walk, too. You can also join us just for b-fast. If you are running late, likely you will not find us unless you know our usual meeting point for b-fast.


    Summerstage Terrasse

    Friday after work is about meeting old and new friends. The language of this meetup is English. Looking forward to seeing you all. Best, Martin & Negin

  • Meditation at "The still Point"

    Still Point

    Interested in meditation? This small group, meets Thursdays from 7 – 9 pm in Vienna. We follow a mix of two traditions: Advaita and Zen. During the sessions, we would alternate between periods of guided meditation, periods of questions and answers and periods of deep silence, during which one can explore one's own true nature, the “Still Point in a Moving World”. Please arrive between 6:50 and 7 pm. During some informal introductions, small snacks and soft drinks will be available. You may sit on zafus on the ground, or else on chairs. No prior meditation experience required. A small donation is welcomed but not mandatory. If you plan to attend, do not register here, but go to our dedicated meetup site at www.meetup.com/Der-stille-Punkt-Wien/ . Hope to meet one of these Thursdays ...

  • armenisch essen

    Needs a location

    Salat mit Aveluk und Nüssen Omelette mit Mazun Muskatnußkuchen Es wird zw. 8 und 18 Euro kosten. Station Taubstummeng. https://anschrift.wordpress.com/ Tanapur, Ajlasan Muskatnußkuchen TANAPUR ZUTATEN 2 Knoblauchzehe 2 Zwiebel 2 Ei 2 kg Joghurt 2 Prise Salz 2 Bund Dill 2 Bund Minze 2 Bund grüne Zwiebel 2 Bund Petersilie 2 Glas Reis oder Bulgur (ich bereite Tanapur immer mit Bulgur zu) 2 EL Mehl ZUBEREITUNG Esslöffel Mehl und 1 Ei und Salz (gibt säuerlichen Geschmack) in den Joghurt mischen und gut verrühren. (und bei Seite legen) Die Zwiebel, Knoblauchzehe, Dill, Minze, grüne Zwiebel, Petersilie klein schneiden. Die Zwiebel und Knoblauchzehe in einem Topf erhitzen mit einem Esslöffel Rama 1 Tasse Bulgur waschen in den Topf mischen. Richtig erhitzen lassen dazu eine prise Salz und Pfeffer und drei Tassen warmes Wasser dazu geben und warten. [rollen] Alle Kräuter in den Topf mischen (siehe Zutaten) auf Temperaturstufe 2 stellen,wenn es anfängt zu kochen einfach Deckel rauf. Beim blubbern also kochen, Joghurt in den Topf geben und bei anfänglichen brodeln immer umrühren!!! sehr wichtig!!! Ohne Deckel köcheln lassen. Ajlasan ZUTATEN 666 ⅔ gr. Auberginen 666 ⅔ gr. Kartoffeln 5 ⅓ Paprikaschoten 400 gr. grüne Bohnen 5 ⅓ Tomaten 5 ⅓ Zwiebeln 8 Knoblauchzehen etwas Petersilie etwas Basilikum (je nach Geschmack Thymian oder Koriander) etwas Salz und schwarzer Pfeffer, nach Geschmack 133 ⅓ ml Olivenöl (es eignet sich auch Sonnenblumenöl 133 ⅓ ml Weißwein ZUBEREITUNG Auberginen schälen und in Scheiben schneiden, salzen, etwa eine viertel Stunde ziehen lassen. Danach die Flüssigkeit auspressen. Kartoffeln waschen, schälen und in Scheiben schneiden. Paprikaschotten waschen, Kerne entfernen und in Streifen schneiden. Bohnen waschen und putzen. Tomaten in Scheiben schneiden. Zwiebel schälen und in Scheiben schneiden. Knoblauch schälen und fein hacken. Kräuter fein hacken. Auberginen und das restliche Gemüse abwechselnd in eine Auflauform schlichten. Jede Schicht mit Knoblauch und Kräutern bestreuen und sparsam salzen und pfeffern. Zum Schluss Wein und Öl darübergießen, mit Alufolie abdecken und bei 160 Grad ca. eine Stunde garen. Muskatnußkuchen Zutaten für 4 Portionen: 2 Tassen brauner Zucker 2 Tassen Mehl 2 Tl Backpulver 1 Tl Backsoda 1 Tl Salz 125 gr Butter 1 Tasse Milch 1 Ei 1 Tl gemahlene Muskatnuss ½ Tasse gehackte Walnüsse Zubereitung Aus dem Zucker, dem gesiebten Mehl, Backpulver, Salz und Butter rasch einen krümeligen Streueselteig herstellen. Eine rechteckige Auflaufform von ca. 20cm gut einfetten. Die Hälfte des Teiges in die Form pressen. Backsoda in der Milch auflösen, das Ei und die Muskatnuss mit einem Schneebesen unterrühren und das ganze über die restliche Hälfte des Teigs gießen. Alles gut vermischen und dann in die Form über den Boden gießen. Mit den gehackten Walnüssen bestreuen. Im vorgeheizten Backofen bei ca. [masked]°C 1 Stunde backen. In vor dem Herausnehmen 15 Minuten in der Form abkühlen lassen. Dann auf einem Kuchengitter vollständig auskühlen lassen.

  • LIVE: Nemnogo Nervno (UKR/RUS) - Dream-Folk

    «der Kunstraum» in den Ringstrassen Galerien

    Nemnogo Nervno (Ukraine/Russia) - Dream-folk, Folk-Rock, Indie - present their new album in Vienna. [masked] Beginn: 19.00 Adress: Kunstraum in den Ringstrassen Galerien, Kärntnerring 9-13/144, 1010 Wien Don't miss your chance! Nemnogo Nervno touring in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel and playing gigs at lots of venues from Kemerovo to Glasgow. In 10 years they have released 10 albums and gained the recognition of several thousands of ‘acoustic’ and ‘folk’ music fans throughout the world. The band played on BBC Radio and such festivals as: 'Dobrofest', 'Byt' Dobru', 'Belyi Shum', 'Pustiye Holmy', 'ShadeLynx Fest', 'Kiyevskiye Lavry', ‘Times and Epochs’ and the festival of street arts ‘Fringe’ in Edinburgh. ‘Nemnogo Nervno’ is also known for their gigs on the board of the icebreaker and in the burnt kirk of the ХVIII century in Saint Petersburg. The band has written the alternative soundtracks to the pictures 'The secret of Sukharev Tower' and 'Viy'. ::::: The new programm: "The Dreams about the Earth" ::::: Members: Ekaterina Gopenko - vocals, guitar, songwriter Roman Reznik - flutes, glockenspiel, percussion Olga Gosteva - violin, mandolin FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056773821188082/ LINKS: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 🌍 http://vk.com/n_nervno 🌍 https://www.facebook.com/NemnogoNervno/ 📺 https://www.youtube.com/c/NemnogoNervno 🎧 https://soundcloud.com/nemnogonervno 🌈 https://www.instagram.com/n_nervno/ ____________________________________ Tickets ---> AK: 15, - (Students 10,- with Student Card) VVK: 12, - (wienXtra-jugendinfo) For any questions or reservation, please contact me (Julia) on phone[masked]