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Expats HH

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Sarah and Mer


We are invited to the newly opened 'THE PROSPECT'. The Prospect gives the diner a few clues on what to expect from it with its decor. There are sports articles, posters and bowling pins lining the walls, televisions everywhere, skateboards in the bathroom and a pile of baseball mitts inside the place.

We will have specials. They serve Goat Nachos, Pork Shank "hog wings," Cider-based Cocktails, Homemade Ginger Beer and many more.

We booked the whole upstairs for this party.


Closest Metro Station is U Street Cardozo (Please take 13th St. Exit). Check it on and plan accordingly.

Street parking might be difficult at this time. However, if you plan to drive, there is a parking garage, Franklin D. Reeves Center Garage,[masked]th Street NW, Washington DC. They are open up until 1 am and it costs $ 10 plus tax. Tel[masked]-0010.
Needs a location