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This group was founded a few years ago. Last year (2015) this group was close to be deleted due to the previous organizers stepping down as well as inactivity of the members.

I took the position of Organizer last November. Since that time, I was very busy with my Internet Marketing Client Consulting and didn't create many updates here. I sent a message to all the group members and out of 200 people received only 3 responses. It tells me that our group isn't that responsive. To make it more engaging, every month I will give 1 advice about Internet Marketing. Most of the time it will be directed towards members who already have their business up and running.

I will not lie by saying that by doing this I will look for my own benefits (after providing the value, I am more than sure someone will reach over to me for a consultation :) ) However, I hope that it will also give you the impulse to act and interact. By commenting on my advice, you can add your own value, and potentially it could bring you a contact with whom you might start to work or even become partners.

Later, I might even consider doing some webinars for the group.

I don't plan on doing any meetups in Cleveland area in the next 3 months (due to my schedule), however, feel free to create some events. If at least 3 members decide to go, that meeting will be approved by meetup.

If you don't want to receive any notifications, please just unsubscribe. Go to "My Profile" - "Email and Notifications". it's that simple.

If you have any questions about your business and want to speak with me about that, the best way to contact me at euGenius Vision (http://eugeniusvision.com/). Fill out Discovery Form or send email there.

I hope to see this group becoming more alive day after day!

Best Regards,

Evgeny Kasperovich

Founder of euGenius Vision

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