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We’re people who envision online platforms that share democratic ownership and governance among the people who rely on them, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data. Some of us lead businesses that carry these values, some of us are considering starting businesses or organizations, and some just want to support others in their efforts. All are welcome.

We may not have all the answers for how this can and should work, but we know that the only way to learn is by coming together and contributing to each other's efforts.

Each event is meant to gather people and share information towards democratization, ownership, and control over digital technology. Events have a clear theme and a guest that sets a foundation for that theme. We’ll spend a majority of the time talking with each other and sharing knowledge.

Want to learn more about this vision of bringing democracy to the online economy? Check out some helpful articles and resources here:

Mike and Austin will kick this group off, but will evolve it into a collaborative project. If you’re interested in stepping-up, message us and let us know!

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How the City of New York is Supporting Cooperatives

Each month we host a guest to start a conversation that reflects cooperative values.

This month we'll speak with Michaela from the City of New York Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative.

Michaela helps coop developers access city resources to do their work developing the coop economy. We'll explore the ways that NYC as a city is helping coops, as well as the opportunities and challenges visible when trying to build a ‘new economy’ or ‘solidarity economy’ in partnership with a public agency.

Following an initial presentation, we'll break into group discussions to identify the support that cooperatives need in order to do their most impactful work. This will allow us to provide opportunities to support each other, while also exploring what a government that supports the solidarity economy could look like.

Michaela has conducted research on worker cooperatives and their role in international social and solidarity economy movements--particularly in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and Canada. Her love for coops comes out of the food justice movement. Since acting as the General Coordinator of her university's food cooperative, she has been interested in collective-problem solving and solidarity-building organizations.

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