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Internet of Things (IoT) is about connecting objects, things, devices, billions of them.

Many of such devices includes now wearables, cars, all objects that, in order to deliver a service, collect many behavioural data identifying their owners. These are all personal data, data that related to a human and might allow to identify them.

"But that’s not all. Think of your connected kettle. Doesn’t the kettle leave behind of its usage a small trail of some of your personal data? Yes, it really does! Using your kettle always at a specific time of the day can create a pattern that is unique, hence personal; in this way simple usage data can become personal data."

This opens a new trend in the future of the Internet of Things. And all of this comes with new challenges, and will create new opportunities. Among a look into the traditional IoT, this meetup will focus also on the relations and explore the opportunities and challenges opened up by the growing market of the 'Internet of Personal Things', things that generate and use personal data to work and deliver their service. Delivering such services requires to address challenges such as giving users the right control on their data sharing, guaranteeing privacy and gaining trust. As well as identifying the right business model and benefits and incentives for the end users.

We will focus discussions, networking atctivities and always look for speakers talking about the following:

- Internet of Things and Personal Things

- Personal data, security, privacy and trust in IoT

- Wearables

- Regulatory frameworks for IoT and Personal Data

In particular we are interested to explore the following sectors, where the Internet of Personal Things are predominantly deployed:

- Smart homes

- Smart retail

- Digital health

- Connected Cars

- Digital Manufacturing

The same challenges and sectors are currently explored and supported also by our sponsor: http://www.tagitsmart.eu

If you share the same interest for the challenges and opportunities related to the Internet of Personal Things, we cannot wait to meet you at our upcoming meetups.

Join us and get involved!!

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IoT Guildford Meetup #30: IoT, Personal data and GDPR

Venner Shipley LLP

This event focuses on personal data and GPDR. Our talks will provide both, the perspective on legal aspects and technical solutions to ensure business compliance and how to empower users to regain control of their personal and IoT data. [masked]: Arrival and networking [masked]: Opportunity for SMEs: Guildford Business Growth initiative [masked]: Speaker 1 - Safely handling personal IoT data in the post-GDPR world - digi.me [masked]: Robert Peake - The GDPR at nine months: Lessons for the future of the IoT - Venner Shipley LLP [masked]: Networking This event is sponsored by Digi.me (https://digi.me/) and Venner Shipley LLP (https://www.vennershipley.co.uk/). *** Pizza and soft drinks provided by our sponsors ***

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