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Mars in the Age of New Space Launchers
• What we'll do The British Interplanetary Society is holding a two-day symposium to explore the emerging possibilities for human Mars exploration and ultimately settlement, as NASA’s SLS rocket approaches its first flight and as competing plans from private industry take shape @ British Interplanetary Society 27-29 South Lambeth Road, SW8 1SZ London, United Kingdom For both days: £90 BIS members £110 non members £50 students/speakers Book in advance at Programme Wednesday - 28th Feb – Getting There 9:30 Registration Session 1 – Chair. Mark Hempsell 9.55 Welcome Mark Hempsell; President of the British Interplanetary Society 10.00 The Dreaming Engineers: Science Fiction Journeys to Post-Mariner Mars Stephen Baxter. 10:30 An Outline of Mars Base Camp (invited lecture) Patrick Wood, Lockheed Martin Space 11:10 Coffee 11:45 Magic to Mars –Transport Considerations for the Human Exploration of Mars Bob Parkinson 12:25 Five Key Questions for Sustainable Earth-Mars Transport Systems Stephen Ashworth 12:55 Lunch Session 2 – Chair. Alan Bond 2:00 Sidemount, SLS and other Big Effing Rocket decisions on our way to Mars David Todd - Seradata 2:35 Human Mars Missions: An Upgrade Richard Osborne 3:10 Tea 3:45 Scorpion: A Design Study for a Lunar-Martian Transportation System Mark Hempsell - Hempsell Astronautics 4:20 Discussion Evening – Optional dinner at the Riverside Mars in the Age of New Space Launchers Symposium Programme Thursday 1st March Exploration and Settlement Session 3 - Chair Stephen Ashworth 9:55 Welcome Stephen Ashworth; Chair of Organising Committee 10:00 Mars analogue simulations: present and future Stephan Gerard 10:35 Mars colonisation – the health hazards and exposure control. John Cain 11:10 Coffee 11:40 Mars EVA Emergency Pressurisation (MEEP) Shelter Rich Whittle 12:15 Awaiting Title Fabrizio Bernardini - 12:50 Lunch Session 4 – Chair Richard Osborne 1:55 Aridopolis: A Sustainable Earth and Mars Settlement Project Stephen Ashworth 2.25 A Journey Over Space Law Raphaël Costa 3:00 Tea 3:30 Project Boreas twelve years on: Private expeditions to the Martian poles? And Life Beyond: Mars base designs from the prison population Charles Cockell – University of Edinburgh 4:10 Terraforming Mars in a Climate of Existential Risk Keith Mansfield 4:45 Closing Remarks 5:00 Close • What to bring • Important to know £90 BIS members £110 non members £50 students/speakers Book in advance at

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