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The community for interracial solidarity is for people who hate all things racist. If you fear the dark world of hate and violence, join the community for interracial solidarity and when you do, you pay $5 a year in membership dues. Join today and you will always feel safe in your local community. We are an equal opportunity organization, meaning that we do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, race, skin color, religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, political views, national origin, marital status (including pregnancy), & other grounds as protected by local, state, federal, & international law. This also means anyone can join & get their life back on the right path. Those who want to leave hate groups behind should also consider reaching out to the community for interracial solidarity.

Upcoming events (5+)

Memorial Day meet & greet.

Armadillo Ale Works

This will be the first meet & greet to be held on a major holiday. We all need to make this meetup. If some of my members rsvp for this meetup, I will be incredibly happy. Let us all make an effort to rsvp for this meetup. We will discuss our efforts to make the community for interracial solidarity a better organization. We will also discuss ways to make our community better. This will help us decide on affairs in the community for interracial solidarity.

Father’s Day dominoes tournament.

East Side Denton

Father’s Day dominoes tournament. $5.00 buy in with prizes for first second and third place winners. Will be held at East Side Denton on Father’s Day. I expect as many people to rsvp for this event as possible.

Halloween bash & raffle drawing.

Quakertown Park

This will be our first Halloween party & raffle drawing. Raffle tickets are $3 a person and prizes are based upon what I can find at my house or on eBay. Entry fees to the party are $5 a person. Upon paying your entry fee, all persons will be issued an admission ticket. I hope to see you there.

2020 planning meeting.

Rusty Taco

Our planning meeting for 2020. We will discuss what kind of events will be held in 2020, what kinds of rules & expectations my members will have to live by, how we will manage our finances, who will be on our board of directors, and fundraising activities to be held in 2020. I expect as many people to rsvp for this meetup. Understood?

Past events (9)

Jacob’s birthday celebration.

Life Works Community.

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