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This is a co-ed non-traditional book club for all those in their 20s & 30s.

Based on members' votes, we will choose one quirky/unique/mind-blowingly bizarre book to read each month (Warning: we will largely stay away from current bestsellers). At the end of each meeting, all Interrobangers will posit their arguments for next month's choice. The group as a whole will vote. Note: Voting criteria may include, but is not limited, to the following: most intriguing plot, cleverest argument, prettiest cover, a fanciful whim, most lucrative bribe, blackmail, etc.

This group is for anyone who would like to be seen reading a book other than The Girl who Kicked the Fire-dragon's Hornet Tattoo (not saying the Millennium series isn't great...I just think that book clubs have gone a little overboard with them) Also, anyone who has ever been disappointed with Ms. Winfrey's flavor of the month (damn you, Oprah, and your public-swaying ways!) is encouraged to join.

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Pre-meeting Dinner

Eagle Park

Join us for some socializing before the regular meeting! Since we will likely be meeting outdoors again, it's a bring your own meal dinner!

March 2020 - Exhalation by Ted Chiang POSTPONED

Eagle Park

As of June 5th, Santa Clara County is still under shelter in place orders for non-essential activities, and so this meeting will continue to be postponed until that order is lifted. We will be postponing the March meeting due to Covid-19 apocalypse madness. Be safe out there everyone! WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN!!! "THE UNIVERSE BEGAN AS AN ENORMOUS BREATH BEING HELD." In these nine stunningly original, provocative, and poignant stories, Ted Chiang tackles some of humanity’s oldest questions along with new quandaries only he could imagine. In “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate,” a portal through time forces a fabric seller in ancient Baghdad to grapple with past mistakes and second chances. In “Exhalation,” an alien scientist makes a shocking discovery with ramifications that are literally universal. In “Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom,” the ability to glimpse into alternate universes necessitates a radically new examination of the concepts of choice and free will. Including stories being published for the first time as well as some of his rare and classic uncollected work, Exhalation is Ted Chiang at his best: profound, sympathetic—revelatory. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Weather permitting, we will be meeting outdoors again, so be sure to bring your picnic blanket and a jacket.

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