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Software engineers need more than just great programming skills – they need people skills, too. To master interviews and working relationships, they need to radiate confidence and have a high level of emotional intelligence.

We are launching a powerful personal growth system to help software engineers enjoy greater health and happiness by mastering the inner game. We teach them how to reprogram their conscious and subconscious minds much in the same way they program computers today. With their high intelligence and ability to focus, improvements in confidence are rapid and substantial!

The system takes into account the daily problems related to interviewing for a new position, working in an Agile environment, performance deadlines, dealing with difficult co-workers, communication challenges, and more.

The system is designed to reduce stress, improve work-life balance, and increase career satisfaction. If you are a software engineer, or if you understand what it means to debug a computer program, then join us as we launch this great system that will help you and your colleagues lead more powerful, meaningful lives!

Our Events Help You Get Great Performance Reviews:

At our events you'll learn the secrets of Star Performers.

You'll connect with Career Performance Experts.

You'll even have a chance to learn and apply powerful and effective communication skills that will skyrocket your career!

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Our Performance Team holds live Question & Answer lives streams every Friday at noon.

Most weeks we also hold free introductory networking workshops to Star Performance skills, mindsets, networking and more.

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