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Our mission is to help you Build Value in Yourself, the purest form of Altruism. This group is for anyone who is ready for real transformation. Weekly workshops will provide Inspiration and Tools to help you get off the sidelines, and into the game of life.

Topics of discussion will be varied, and all lead to one end = a Happy, Healthy, Whole individual who Leads by Example.

We will be discussing topics such as: Finding Your Life Purpose, How to be Happy Right Where You are, How Life Balance Eradicates Stress & Anxiety, How to Become Radiantly Healthy of Body & Mind, and Understanding the Matrix of Connection Between the Mind, Self, and our Environment.

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The 7 Elements of Finding & Maintaining Meaningful Relationships -Personal & Biz

Dr. Mark Svetcos will discuss The 7 Elements of Finding & Maintaining Meaningful Relationships based on science and his own personal experience. In his own words...

"I've taken the long road to happiness. And I can tell you this: Happiness is directly proportional to the amount of work you put into your relationships.

I was as hard a working man as you'll ever find. I became a millionaire by the age of 34. But beyond my business, my life was in a shambles. All my relationships were toxic. I wasn't taking care of myself. I had no vision, nor purpose. It wasn't until I lost everything, that I began the journey toward my one true life. And at the heart of that process was learning HOW to have great relationships, both personal and professional.

There are 7 Methods to Cultivating Great Relationships

1. Use your Anamorphic Lens to view your relationships

2. Make your relationships a Driving Force in your life

3. Balancing your life will help you to Uncover your Pupose = Happy-ness!

4. Understand how to use your Emotions as a Tool, and NOT as a way of being

5. Learn how to GIVE in order to RECEIVE.

6. Work to Respect the opinions, desires and emotions of others. (You will never change anyone! That is for them to achieve.)

7. Uncover the Lesson. Every relationship you share, from the 20-second elevator conversation to the person with whom you spend the rest of your life, is a means to your evolution. What is your lesson in each moment you share with others?"

The date, time and location will be announced within the next week. This talk will be in Bellevue, WA.

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