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Esoteric Study Group 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Month
Each meeting we will discuss the Bible, Alchemy Tarot, Christian Esoteric Studies, the Kaballah and how it all is one tradition. please note! We will meet each 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Sky Canyon Business Park

38750 Sky Canyon Drive Suite B · Temecula, CA

What we're about

At the heart of the Jewish and Christian traditions is a Mystical Tradition that Christ taught his disciples. This tradition is alive and well over 2,000 years late. This "truth" lies inside all religious and spiritual traditions, waiting for the sincere seeker. This Study Group will provide practical results-based ideas you can incorporate into daily life to become more conscious of who you are, and more God-centered. It will give you understanding of the linkage between what was secret or "occult" and what is now available more openly. Christian and Jewish roots of Alchemy, Tarot, and Kaballah/Qaballah as well as astrology, and other esoteric systems will be focused upon. Bible and Christian sacraments, as well as their relationship to occult traditions will be discussed.

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