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OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course | December 2018
Are you ready to increase peace and flow in your life? Live 3-Day Event in NE Minneapolis December 14-16, 2018 Learn Techniques and Tools to Communicate More Clearly and Create the Life You Want Be immersed in the transformational energies of healing consciousness through our OnenessNLP™ 101 Certificate Course covering the fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology techniques, and how to begin applying them immediately to your life. In addition, OnenessNLP™ will explain and give you an experience of connecting to your Unconscious Mind and Higher Consciousness. It is an experience not to be missed! Over the course of this insightful 3-day weekend, we will dive into how to improve and develop communication skills with our personal relationships, loved ones, co-workers, clients, and peers. NLP will empower you to recognize and enhance your personal power and professional value. Learn to become a more effective leader, role-model, and make every outcome an attainable reality. Experience the benefits of NLP, explore its history, develop and apply the fundamental skills of NLP directly to your life. Join us for an inspirational weekend open to anyone interested in self-improvement. A great enhancement for parents, teachers, trainers, coaches, nurses, holistic practitioners, and corporate leadership trainers. The NLP 101 Course is the prerequisite for the full NLP/HNLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist Certification Training. For more information and tickets, click the link below:

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What we're about

The purpose of this group is simple: introduce, educate and assist.

1. To introduce these cutting edge resources, tools and techniques that have been transforming the lives of millions worldwide to those who are interested in personal transformation.

2. To educate that suffering is now optional and there is a better way to live.

3. To assist in the personal transformation of those who are ready.

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP) & Hypnotherapy are extremely effective learning strategies that will soon be offered to every student in the near future.

Have you ever wanted to learn the language of your mind?
Are you curious enough to want to learn why you do what you do?
Would you be interested in learning how to re-write your past and take control of your future?

You’re going to be absolutely blown away once you learn what NLP & Hypnosis can do for you!

What is NLP?
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be defined as ‘the psychology of excellence and the science of change.’ An NLP Practitioner could be described as ‘an agent for change’.

Why NLP?
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you knew how to release any problem or obstacle? How much better would you feel once you got rid of your old baggage? Using NLP techniques can absolutely positively change the course of your life by putting new meanings to past experiences.

What is Hypnosis?
Unlike NLP hypnosis is not a technique, it is a state.Hypnosis is a doorway to the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind is where all permanent change happens.

Why Hypnosis?
Learning to use hypnosis can deepen the rapport with your unconscious mind and give you full access to all of the resources you have already within you.

Jeremiah Rangel is a Hypnosis and NLP Trainer who has dedicated his life to helping as many people as he can connect to all of their resources and create happiness, success and wealth in life.

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