Living in Alignment Study Group

Introduction To Living In Alignment (LIA)
Introduction To Living In Alignment (LIA)
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This group will assist you to connect with your spirituality to live a happier, fulfilled and more balanced life.

If you attended, this group integrates with information that was provided in the Living in Alignment Introductory presentation.

This is an ongoing educational, interactive support group customized to identify and address limiting or faulty beliefs, perceptions and ways of thinking that are preventing the development of a personal life philosophy that is congruent with your Soul’s wisdom.

You will learn and practice concepts and skills to expand your awareness and open your heart to yourself, to others, and to the power that is greater than your intellect in order to live an inspired life.

You will learn to embody your humanity and your spirituality in ways that are self-empowering, transformative, and grounded in your daily life.

People who are transitioning from organized religion to spirituality
People who are wanting to develop a sustainable spiritual practice
People who have unresolved issues with religion/spirituality
People who want to develop a personal relationship with Source energy
People who want to develop their intuition
People who are interested in having Source energy guide their live
People who want to apply spiritual principles into their everyday lives
People who are seeking a whole person approach to working with addictions and who have been in recovery for at least a year.

Where: 455 University Ave, Suite 230, Sacramento, California 95825
When: Sundays 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Cost: $50.00 per session, advance registration required for each session please.
Sessions will be ongoing and registration is on an individual session by session basis to allow you maximum flexibility.

Our work together will be based on two of my books:
Discover Your Soul Connection: Introducing Living in Alignment and Experience Living in Alignment