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Aikido is a unique martial art, the full power of which is rarely seen. From a self-defense aspect it can end an attack suddenly, severely and decisively or dissipate it with the gentleness of a soft breeze.

Aikido's unique approach is to blend with an attack rather than clash with it. The attack is redirected safely away into a throw or pin. Its circular, flowing techniques are effective and can be learned by anyone regardless of size, age or gender. Men, women, children and seniors all find it appealing because Aikido techniques are not based on pitting one's strength against another's. Students learn to defend themselves without resorting to aggressive or violent behavior. Self esteem, concentration, awareness and focusing power are enhanced. Balance and calmness are therefore maintained in all situations. This state of being is then carried off the mat and into the activity and interactions of daily life.

Aikido Centers was established in 1988 after Sensei O'Connor had been studying and teaching for 12 years. At Aikido Centers we teach traditional Aikido as handed down by Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aikido Centers is the largest traditional Aikido dojo organization in New Jersey. We currently have traditional Aikido dojos in East Hanover, Sparta, Paterson, Manasquan, Summit (at the Summit YMCA), River Edge, Montclair, Marlboro and in Lancaster, PA

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