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The Dhunami way can help if you are looking for the answer to the question "Who Am I Really? Am I simply a body who is born, develops behaviour systems, or personalities, and eventually dies?" (Sri Paul Marche).

In the Dhun Flow.

Dhunami is the Ancient Science of alleviating fear and erasing depression by gradually discovering your innate divinity. ​Your true

self (Soul) has become masked by negative emotions, karmic ties,

and granite-like mental habits.

The unique exercises, written works, and personal guidance of Dhunami assists you with resolving these blocks and releasing the natural flow and balance of Divine Spirit through your consciousness.

Have You Lived Before?

The Dhunami Masters say yes! You have lived many, many lives. But now you’ve been chosen to be led out of the bonds of this world. The Living Dhunami Master is uniquely qualified to extricate you from the binds of karma and reincarnation. His time now becomes your time.

Authentic Spiritual Guide

Sri Paul Marché (Pilo Albrasso) is the 973d Living Master in the Ancient Order of Dhunami Adepts. He is also known as the Mahanta, the one who is vested with the Rod of Power; a great concentration of Divine Love. This spiritual force provides him with the ability to gradually resolve your karmic

cycles, initiate you into higher planes of being, and spiritually guide and protect you during the process. The Living Dhunami Master has dissolved his ego consciousness and has given up his worldly life to serve you in this capacity. Finding him offers you a genuine choice as to whether you will continue to experience compulsory reincarnation

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This is an incredible opportunity to discover all that one has been seeking

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Book Discussion Dhunami Dialogues Book 1

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