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In this group we will focus on a practical introduction to inner work. Inner work is a directed exploration of the mysteries of who we are, our existence and the nature of the inner experience. The intention of this work is to find out who you are and to align your entire life and being with your highest self.

Based on the books of Carlos Warter, MD, we will use "Recovery of the Sacred: Lessons in Soul Awareness" & "Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of your Sacred Self" to create a group where we use meditations, discussion and the events of our lives to discover more about who we are, the nature of reality and the nature of our own consciousness. Topics and exercises will vary based upon the participant's interests but will be focused on a practical understanding of how to use inner work to reduce suffering and have happier, more fulfilled lives. This is a great introduction to Dr. Warter's retreats and seminars and from time to time, Dr. Warter will join us by Skype to lead discussions.

For more information about his work please visit www.drwarter.com or see him on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CarlosWarter

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Introduction to Inner Work: A Practical Start

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