"Slam Your Exam Strategies, Three Keys to Train Your Brain to Master Exams"


• What we'll do
If you are testing to become a:
Nurse Doctor Lawyer Acupuncture Practitioner Real Estate Agent
Massage Therapist Teacher Microsoft Certification
or need to take the SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT and another entrance test or any profession that requires testing, this seminar is for you.

This Seminar is for you if:
- you have ever said, "But Mom, I did study," after you didn't do well on a test
- want to improve your academic and/or professional success level.
- you have taken a test and needed to recall an answer that just wouldn't come
- during a presentation you are asked a question that you know the answer to but it just won't come
- have a certification or licensing exam you must pass to go to the next level in your career.
- you ever get frustrated when you can't remember where you left important papers, your glasses, or keys and feel as though your memory is failing.
- you get frustrated when you can't remember every day details and feel that your memory is not as it once was?

During her talk "SLAM YOUR EXAM STRATEGIES, Three Keys To Train Your Brain to Master Exams," Beverly Fells Jones will share information about proven methods to bring you the information you need, almost instantly. IN THIS free seminar YOU WILL discover:

- The digital library that you have available 24 hours a day.
- Why learning to memorize is not enough
- Why standard study methods don't go far enough
- limiting beliefs about your memory, and success.
- Three keys to improving your memory
- How your mind works
- Introduction to the CPRime method of study and recall.
- an exam day tactic that works You don't want to miss this!

Are you struggling or are you an achiever? Either way you can learn techniques that will improve your academic or work performance dramatically.

Do you or someone you know suffer from Exam or Performance Anxiety? If so this is the seminar to attend. In this seminar you will learn about ways to change anxiety into confidence and fear into fearlessness.

A large group of people do not take their exams because they become mentally paralyzed with fear and dread. They have spent thousands of dollars on education but when it comes to taking the test that will allow them to enter into their profession, they freeze. They walk away or they go into the test and forget what they know because they were never told the basic strategies you will hear in this seminar.

By attending this seminar you will bring into your life, or someone you know, a new understanding of success, concentration, learning, and how to live with grace and ease. And no more Exam Anxiety.

This is an invitation for you to enter into those untouched areas of your life in such a profound way you are propelled into your built-in ability to create the life you have always desired.

Join us for this informative free seminar.

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