WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?- Seasonal Setting Intentions

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WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? (Seasonal Setting Intentions)Energy is strongest at the equinoxes and solstices. Take advantage of this time as Michelle guides you through an in-depth clearing and manifesting exercise designed to harness the immense possibilities that exist at the change of seasons.

INTUITIVE FOCUS CLASS (For both beginner and advanced intuitives)

Is spirit reaching out to you, or do you simply wish to have better health, stronger relationships, increased wealth and a higher sense of purpose?

Intuition is the key!

Learning to use your core instincts will help you understand universal law as well as how to discover the source of your limiting patterns and behaviors so you can alter the circumstances of your life, and life around you.

This weekly intuitive development class will teach you how to recognize, trust and work with your innate core instincts so you can heal yourself and mend the world.

What you'll learn:

• How to engage safely and ethically with spirit and energy to create your desired outcomes.
• Techniques to decode and understand the purpose of your life experiences.
• Tools to find deeper healing personally as well as in relationship, career, with family, friends etc.
• Revolutionary life skills for integrating higher thinking into your everyday life in practical ways that reduce anxiety and promote the greater good of all.
Do you want to know more about how Michelle conducts class? Follow this link and find Michelle’s Intuitive Class Guidelines

ABOUT YOUR HOST: Michelle DesPres is a certified clairvoyant medium trained under the Berkeley Psychic Institute program for inner development. She is the author of the books The Clairvoyant Path, and most recently, INTUITIVELY YOU, Evolve Your Life and Mend the Word, helping others discover personal and collective fulfillment. She also published the Intuitive Ethical Standards (https://michelledespres.com/ethical-standards/), establishing guidelines for alternative therapists. Michelle is a frequent speaker and motivational leader. She has been
providing individual services and readings to a diversity of clients for 15 years, who treasure her insight, perspective and deeply nurturing guidance. She is the founder of the Intuitive Practitioner Program, teaching students about mind, body and soul integration – and how to hone these skills to build thriving businesses.

Learn about Michelle and watch her teaching videos at: www.MichelleDesPres.com