What we're about

This is a meetup for people interested in spirituality, intuition, hypnosis, and meeting people interested in the same. Come check things out!

Welcome to the Intuitive Trance-Formations group!

I invite all of my fellow Practitioners, Light-workers, Energy Healers, Intuitives, and Certified Hypnotherapists to join me and provide a sacred and safe venue where sharing and creating space for Self-Improvement, Spirituality and Mysticism, Energy Healing, Shamanism, Self Exploration, Learning, and are interested in alternative forms of healing and are searching for a place where they can experience them ALL.

My goal is to create a strong spiritual community of like-minded individuals, who in their hearts are committed to helping others grow, raise their vibration, self appreciation, share reverence for all life and to serve in love and enrich our lives.

Where all Practitioners regardless of schools of thought and whether they are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced Energy Healer or lightworker are welcomed and we can learn from each other’s talents and assist each other in finding our soul's purpose in a safe, sacred, and loving environment.

Come! Let’s get together and join us for meditations, for support groups, classes, seminars, informative talks, energy healing circles, and all sorts of awesome things. You may discover hidden talents and amazing things within you that are just ready to impact the world.

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