Past Life Regression with Jade


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Jade has traveled down her own path of self-healing. Her experience has given her the capacity to hold space for others.
She is a facilitator of emotional healing. Jade walks beside her clients along the path of understanding, supplying tools
and information to help guide others into their most natural state of being. A state of being that is in alignment with self-love,
a place where it becomes easy to feel a sense of calm, positivity and new possibilities.
Jade's words are like that of a still soft voice that whispers truth and love.
Her awareness that every soul speaks with uniqueness allows her to explore with her clients each piece of the puzzle that creates the picture of who they are, helping them live more fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Jade will discuss with us about how she conducts a regression and how those who do not believe or unsure about past lives can still benefit from regression to overcome things that hold them back. She will then perform a group hypnotherapy session that will bring each of us back into our own visual memory of whatever issue or query we have that will then give us an idea of its source and aid in processing to gain understanding and healing. While Jane does this group session we are able to process the session individually within our own experiences without sharing until the session is complete. Jane will also allow those who would like to discuss and get further clarification after the group session as well as answer any questions you may have.

Payment must be received within 24 hours after signing up to secure your space. This can be done in person to Daisy or Lisle in Cash, check, or Paypal at lisleche@yahoo as well as via credit card(contact Lisle) Those who do not secure payment to keep there space will be dropped for the next available person in line.