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Keith Hodge and Kyla Williams, Founders of Intuity Healing Academy, combine over 20 years experience in the teaching of energy healing and the exploration into the expansion of consciousness. They specialise in empowering individuals to discover their own journeys of self-realisation and transformation.
Intuity believes and stands for a world of conscious communication, love and truth.

You can achieve this by developing three essential elements. The first is to live through your heart rather than your mind, the second is to empower yourself to express your hearts truth, these two will move you toward the third element which is to align with your purpose.

Intuity is a healing centre that offers one to one sessions, workshops and practitioner trainings that teach how to empower yourself to live and express through your heart and awaken to your inner truth and life purpose.

Intuity School – Empower yourself to learn the language of healing

Learn The Language Of Healing – Advance Practitioner Training

The Intuity healing school is dedicated to raising the consciousness and ability of healers around the world.

While many people have the potential to be great healers, few have the ability to fully discern what issues are presenting in front of them. Fewer still have the skill set to facilitate true transformation and empowering healing. Intuity healing school offers the opportunity to develop these skills and awaken the true healer inside you.

To achieve this shift we teach the language of healing on the Intuity practitioner trainings. Through this level of training healers can learn how to facilitate positive transformation in the lives of their clients, friends and family, contributing toward a wave of conscious communication, truth and love spreading throughout the world.

Powerful, Transformational Healing - One to One Sessions

It can be difficult for us to see what is causing imbalances in our life. There is a tendency to hide and protect ourselves from the pain of such truths.

Intuity is experienced with helping you to uncover and transform energetic patterns that are limiting or restricting your enjoyment of life.

Investing in the assistance of a skilled healer who is able to help access these parts can lead to powerful transformations.

Whatever issues you are currently suffering from in your life, Intuity one to one sessions offer a range of healing techniques to help you uncover the root of the energetic imbalance and powerfully transform your life.

The healing experience: Dymanic, Transformational Journeys – Workshops

So often we find ourselves out of balance. Busy being busy with the rigour of life and the commitments we make. When did you last take time out of your every day life to develop yourself consciously in exciting new ways and experience amazing journeys that will blow you mind? To invest in yourself is to invest in your future and the future of all you meet.

Take time to connect and enjoy time with yourself so you can experience dynamic, heartfelt, journeys that take you beyond your limitations to reach into and bring healing to your wounded self.

Intuity offers a range of workshops, over evenings, days, weekends and week retreats. Supported through the interconnections of the group, music, drumming and powerful energy healing, you will leave feeling inspired, reconnected to your heart and transformed.

Whether you are exploring energy healing for the first time or are an experienced healer transformation is waiting for you through whichever workshop your heart feels excited to take part in.

Who Is This For?
- People curious about their extra-sensory abilities & wish to develop them
- Sensitives wanting to learn boundaries, centring, grounding and to thrive rather than be overwhelmed
- Those wanting to increase their connections with other like minded people
- People that urn to live through their hearts rather than lead by their minds
- Individuals that wish to be FREE to be fully self-expressed in all areas of their life
- For those wanting to feel fully embodied, connected and offering their gifts in this world

If you were feeling a massive YES this is me to two or more of these take a moment to close your eyes…. breath…. and begin to connect with a reality where you have integrated these qualities into your every day life.

What does you life look like?
What does it feel like?

Are you ready to gift yourself the life that you have always known possible?

If so, please reach out to us, we would love to support you on your journey..

With Love, Kyla & Keith
Intuity Healing Academy

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A Journey Into Heart

Purple Turtle Wellbeing


A Journey Into Heart Learn to develop a connection to your gifts and abilities Saturday, February 2nd - 3rd, Friday, February 8th - 10th Brighton, UK The Intuity Healing Academy is dedicated to raising the consciousness and ability of healers around the world. Kyla Williams and Keith Hodge, Founders of Intuity Healing Academy, combine over 20 years experience of teaching energy healing and an exploration into the expansion of consciousness. They specialise in empowering individuals to discover their own journeys of self-realisation and transformation. A Journey Into Heart is an introductory training course open to anyone that has the desire or curiosity to explore their sensitivity, abilities, deepen connection to self & live a life guided by heart. You will: - Learn the importance of living from your heart and connecting with your inner guidance - Explore the 4 psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and knowing - Learn about the energy systems and chakras - Awaken and develop your abilities as a sensitive/ healer - Learn how to ground, centre, discern and protect your energy - Connect, share and build your community of like minded people - PLUS much more! Investment £895 For more information or to book please contact Kyla on [masked] or Keith on [masked] www.inuityhealingacademy.com Facebook @IntuityHealingAcademy

Spreading The Love Intuity Low Cost Clinic

Cornerstone Community Centre


Spreading the LOVE Intuity Low Cost Clinic Saturday, February 23rd 10am - 11am & 11:30am - 12:30pm Intuity is an international healing academy run by Keith and Kyla who have over 30 years experience supporting people to transform, live through the heart, develop sensitivity, discover their full expression and embody their power. The Intuity low cost clinic is a place for people in the community to experience incredible and beautiful healing at an affordable price (£10). It is an offering to those who may not otherwise be able to afford to invest in this level of transformation for themselves. Sessions in the Intuity clinic are provided by graduates from the Intuity practitioner training. Each one offers healing in their way, utilising their gifts and abilities to facilitate your healing experience. We encourage you to tune into your heart and feel which one is in truth for you to work with. To find out more about the Intuity Healing Academy you can visit www.intuityhealingacademy.com or https://www.facebook.com/IntuityHealingAcademy/ Sarah: Sarah is a lawyer, whose practice has always centred on supporting individuals with physical injuries and work-related illnesses. Having spent over 30 years exploring a variety of healing methods and intuitive therapies, she qualified as an Intuity energy healer in August 2018, and feels blessed to be able to share this transformative technique with others Samantha: Originally from New Zealand, Samantha is an energy healer now based in Brighton. She completed her practitioner training in July 2018 and is also developing her skills in music/sound and movement therapy. She is a classically trained singer and singing teacher, a field hockey player, and works in sustainability communications. Tian: A graduate from the Intuity energy healing practitioner training in 2017, Tian started her healing journey as a Reiki healer and subsequently completed further training in trance healing. She holds healing and meditation workshops which include sound therapy and guided visualisations. Tian also works as a Spanish and Portuguese interpreter and translator and loves to travel. Non-refundable Low Cost Session price: £10 Please note: practitioners working in the clinic will charge a minimum of £40+ outside this low cost clinic space Eventbrite tickets -> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spreading-the-love-intuity-low-cost-clinic-tickets-54888223153 Limited places. Tickets must be purchased in advance to secure your space.

Intuity Workshop Cutting Ties to the Past

Cornerstone Community Centre


Intuity Healing Academy Cutting Ties to the Past Workshop Saturday 9th March Brighton, East Sussex 10am - 12.30pm Do you regularly experience anxiety, doubt or frustration? Are there people in your life that you fear speaking to or relationships where you are holding onto things that were said? Are there experiences from your past that still upset you? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then its likely that you past is weighing you down and limiting what you are creating in your life right now! Join us for this workshop to experience releasing ties to your past. Whenever we hold onto an interaction with someone, get angry or upset with them, wish we had not said something, withheld communication, experienced shock then its likely that we push these experiences and emotions in our unconscious. Although we may not think of or remember these situations often, they are creating a toxicity that limits the choices we make, the way we express and our belief in ourselves. The reactions we have with others people and situations anchors us in our past and limits our growth. This Intuity workshop offers you an opportunity to release the past, leaving you free to choose powerful new connections, to express yourself freely and to develop the belief in yourself. Investment: £35 £30 if booked by 31 January 2019 Eventbrite Ticket -> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cutting-ties-to-the-past-workshop-tickets-54927117487 For more information please contact Keith Hodge[masked]

Intuity Healing Academy Open Day (FREE) Brighton

Cornerstone Community Centre

Intuity Healing Academy Open Day Saturday, March 9th 2pm - 4.30pm Brighton, East Sussex Do you feel that you have the potential to develop your sensitivity but are unsure where to start? Are you interested in living centred through your heart rather than your mind and emotions? What it would be like to safely open up and develop your psychic senses? Would you like to be part of a community people, where you can grow, connect & discover your full self expression? If so, come and join us for a FREE afternoon to find out about our new three module training course called 'The Empowerment Training'. This afternoon will include a session of group healing plus an opportunity to hear from past graduates and ask questions about the training. To reserve you place simply email [masked] or text[masked]. Details of The Empowerment Training module 1 A Journey Into Heart will offer you an amazing foundation to discover, (or deepen in your discovery!) of how to live through HEART. The heart is our greatest guide. When we live through our heart we live in presence, connected to our knowing of what is true for us from moment to moment. Society is set up to train us to live through our mind and emotions. Living through the heart may be something you have heard of, but what does it actually mean? In this module we will teach you in a LIVE environment how to be in your heart. We will train you how to step out of the repetitive patterns of your mind again and again so that you can choose to practise living through your heart. We will explore the 4 main psychic senses - Seeing, hearing, feeling (empathy) and knowing. You will discover the senses that you already have open and experience how to develop these. You will also learn about the other psychic senses and have the opportunity to practise opening these Develop your sensitivity in an exciting new way! A Journey Into Heart is an introductory training course open to anyone that has the desire or curiosity to explore their sensitivity, abilities, deepen connection to self & live a life guided by heart. You will: Learn how to live from your heart and connect with your inner guidance - Explore the 4 psychic senses: seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. - Start to discover the parts that cause you to hold yourself back - Identify parts of you and emotion that are blocking your full expression - Awaken and develop your abilities as a sensitive - Learn how to ground, centre, discern and protect your energy Connect, share and build a community of like minded people Experience starting to transform areas of your life that no longer serve you....... PLUS much more! After our SOLD OUT event in Jan'19 be sure to secure your ticket here -> https://bit.ly/2RJMVhm Please note attendance is only possible with a ticket. The next training is in Brighton UK, however Intuity offers The Empowerment Training in different locations around the world. For more information or to book please contact Keith on [masked]

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Intuity Healing Academy Open Day (FREE) Brighton

Purple Turtle Wellbeing

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