What we're about

We're the Inventors Network KY, a nonprofit organization that helps Inventors and Entrepreneurs. We help Inventors and Entrepreneurs through Education, Engagement and Empowerment. And one of the ways we do this is by holding 2 very different events every month:

Open Meetings (Online)

Some of these meetings are at physical locations, while some others are online meetings you can access from anywhere. We will have a variety of speakers throughout the year, each a respective expert in one of the many important parts of the inventing and entrepreneur process. We talk about what opportunities are available, get to network, and have some fun along the way. It's a great way to get to know who we are and what we can do for you.

Inventor/Entrepreneur Workshops (Official Inventor Network KY Members Only)

Our Inventor/Entrepreneur Workshop is a completely different animal from our Open Meetings. In the Workshop, we all work under a joint-confidentiality agreement, meaning you have an opportunity to talk about your idea/invention/product or business idea in a private setting without publicly disclosing it. What happens in the Workshop, stays in the Workshop. And instead of just getting one person's opinion, you get an entire room full of people with varying degrees of experience, expertise, and angles you may not have ever been able to see your project from before. Think of this as a "brainstorming session on steroids".

In addition to our Meetings & Workshops you can also take advantage of the courses available at Empowered Inventing Academy. These in-depth classes will cover important areas of the EntreInventing process such as "protecting what's really valuable", "prototyping on a budget", "launching with Kickstarter", and more. Do you have a great idea for an invention, product or startup? Go to https://EmpoweredInventing.com to learn more.

Please remember: Membership in the Inventors Network KY is NOT the same as being a "member" of this Meetup group. To become a Member of the Inventors Network KY, which includes the benefits of FREE admission to all meetings and workshops (detailed below), go to


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