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INVENTORS - A home to communicate with like minded, creative individuals. You don't have to do it by yourself. Take advantage of others freely given experience and knowledge. MASTER MIND GROUP - 3 TO 5 supportive people from diverse fields to stimulate & direct your creativity. THE WISE GUYS - those that have "been there & done that" and have the heart felt desire to share with those that could really benefit from your experiences. RETIRED BUT NOT DEAD - GET UP HERE AND HELP WITH THE NEW IDEAS. Mentors are welcome.

CROWDFUNDING - MY SON-IN-LAW pulled out $674,000.00 dollars and 10,000 new customers in 45 days, so don't try to tell me it can.t work. The most cost effective way to test a new idea. Validate your idea and test it all at once for practically nothing but your time. Lets support each other and mate that dream a reality.

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