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Geared towards beginners and seasoned investors (active and passive) looking to level up their skills, network, team and deal flow along with their bank accounts, free time etc…You get the point. With a primary focus on multifamily apartment real estate we aim to be a catalytic resource to help investors take action and push their real estate goals from dreams to reality. [Read: Get deals done.] We are for those that want to come together to learn, challenge each other, build partnerships, find deals, raise capital, close deals and take them through their full life cycle.

Expect to meet mentors, partners, private lenders, equity investors, syndicators with proven track records, beginners, professionals in lending, property management, Tax/Accounting, Insurance, Tech, Agents and other industries related to real estate, like minded individuals ready to take action.

Expect to learn how to build a portfolio of apartments, multi-family real estate investments, grow passive income as a means to achieve personal goals.

Expect to do deals, hold partners and members accountable to progress, share your experience, network, and grow your real estate portfolio, build teams and partnerships.

With events in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx there's something here for everyone. Joining this group will allow you to connect to those who are already taking action towards their goals, scaling their portfolios and provide a wealth of resources and knowledge so you can do the same.

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Networking to do multifamily apartment deals

Noree Thai Bazaar

Our goal is that everyone in this group would do at least one deal this year! This group was created for investors, both beginner and experienced with proven track records to meet up and get deals done. Individuals who are motivated, action oriented, dedicated and ready to collaborate and do deals now. Network with individuals who share similar vision and goals to get deals done. As the purpose of our group is to get deals done we will in the next 6-12 months have members who partnered up here present a case study on the deal they are doing. This should be you! Date: February 26, 2019 Location: Noree Thai Bazaar 274 Grand St New York, NY 10002 b/t Eldridge St & Forsyth St Lower East Side Next to the B,D Grand St. Station Start Time: 6:00PM Cost: FREE! Ask the bartender about the discounted drink/food specials extended to our group! If you have a friend that may be interested in being an investor passively or actively bring them along!

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