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The aim of this group is to bring together the dads and have discussions on how to have the best connection possible with our kids.

I love the quote

Babies are babies for weeks, toddlers are toddlers for months...Don't blink or you'll miss it"

What strategies do you use ? What is your story about being an Invested dad ? Is your workplace becoming the home and your home the workplace ?

Apologies to the mums but it seems that there a number of meetup groups for you but none for us fathers

I am a late father (47 at birth) to Alexa my beautiful 4 year old daughter, and is now a very independent free spirit.

My partner Isabelle and myself are both working full time and have been told spend quality time, what is this ? Any time with your child is important. Quality time is just an excuse to spend less time with them.

My aim is to be present with her whenever I'm with her to give her the feeling that she has my undivided attention. This can be very difficult at times.

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