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This is for anyone who wants to know more about opening an account and beginning to invest in the stock market. How to look at companies and find those with which you feel comfortable. Not to hit it and quit it, but to build a portfolio you understand.

Learn about IRAs and why they're amazing vehicles to save for retirement. I'll give you the basics. Show you websites that help you find companies that have a commitment to pay you dividends. You heard correctly! Companies will pay you cash just for owning their stock.

How the industry is clever not to teach you anything... because they know you can do it yourself.

You do know enough to start... I'll fill in some blanks, but there's no feeling in the world knowing you'll become just as smart as 90% of the brokers. Not a joke!

The website will be up November 20th, 2018. Thanks for your patience.

Rob Saunders


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