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4 Topics: 16% - 24% Tax Sales; 3% - 6% CD's; Deeds @ 50%; Finder's Fees on Land!
1) NEW Silent Partner deposits are now being accepted to invest in my next out of state Tax Sales including the 16%,18% & 24% Tax Sales! No Minimum! 1st Money Deposited, Gets 1st Choice of Tax Liens! No Risk! No Fees! No Fees for Deposits or Withdrawals! I only make money when you make money! We either split super high Tax Free interest or get Deeds for pennies on the dollar! Win/Win for all! Send me your email to receive my Tax Lien Agreement! 2) The second part of my meetings will cover Tax Lien CD's. They pay anywhere from 3% to 6% depending on the amount invested. Terms are up to you and may be open ended. Interest is computed daily, so you'll never even miss a day's worth of interest! Just like bank CD's, all funds may be withdrawn at any time since they are tied into specific Tax Liens. Monthly interest payments may be mailed or sent to you via PayPal with updated Statements emailed at the end of each month. There are no hidden fees of any kind regardless of number of withdrawals or deposits! This option was created for those wishing to invest in Tax Liens without the worry of having their money tied up for up to 3 years AND for those not really wanting to go after Deeds. This option will only be available for a total of $60,000 in Tax Lien CD's. Send me your email now to receive my Tax Lien CD Agreement! 3) The third part of my Meetings will offer some of my acreage in Dolan Springs, AZ, about an hour south of Henderson, some of my residential lots (and one home) in Mississippi and some of my residential (and one commercial pad) in Iowa. I am offering these to my Tax Lien Meetup Group Members at less than half the lowest prices listed anywhere to help get them started. I've been 'collecting' these parcels via investing in Tax Liens over the last 20 years which is how I can sell them so cheap (from $2,500 Cash or $25 a Month) per acre! I'll have Maps w/Prices at each Meeting until they are gone. If you can NOT make my Meetings, but are interested in becoming one of my Silent Partners, Please send me your email address to receive links to 100's of my Half Price parcels! 4) The last part of my Meetings will teach you how to earn a 10% Finder's Fee for finding any leads for selling ANY of my half priced properties in any of the above mentioned states! There are many ways to do this that won't cost you a penny out of pocket! There is no limit to how much you could earn spending as little or as much time on this as you like! Please send your email address to receive my Finder's Fee Agreement!

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Looking for people (I learned from one of my UNLV professors.) to mentor my tricks learned since 1995 of earning a nice living off investing at Tax Lien Sales. I'm not like those Informercial guys you have seen trying to sell you information. I host bi-weekly Tax Lien Meetings that are FREE to attend! I charge no Fees for becoming a Silent Partner! Never a Fee for Deposits or Withdrawals! I only make money AFTER you make money! Silent Partners earn Tax Free Interest and/or co-own Deeds from the out of state Tax Sales I fly to for a Win/Win Situation for us both!

I also cover three other topics at my free bi-weekly Meetings...

2) 3% - 6% CD's that pay Interest Monthly!

3) Land at HALF the going rate to flip or hold!

4) 10% Finder's Fees when finding leads for selling properties!

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