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The INVESTOR UNDERGROUND Two Day Intensive Boot Camp is back! The Only TREC ACCREDITED House-Flipping Boot Camp In the Nation!

That means it's the real deal! No fluff! TREC is giving 16 MCE credit hours to any agent who attends the INVESTOR UNDERGROUND INTENSIVE Two Day Boot Camp.

If you've ever tried to get a class approved by TREC, you know it's a long and grueling process. They scrutinize everything.

WHEN: April 21, 22, 2018
TIME: 9-5 both days
WHERE: Norris Conference Center (Anderson Lane)

Come hear 27 year Real Estate Attorney & Investor DAN CASTRO and 25 year Real Estate Investor TONY GARRANT share their secrets about how they find the HOTTEST BELOW MARKET DEALS in the UNDERGROUND MARKET.

Once you have a deal under contract, you can:
(a) Buy & Hold
(b) Fix & Flip
(c) Assign the Contract for a Quick Wholesale Fee (make anywhere from $2,000 to $65,000 in a week)

*The top twenty (20) ways the pros are consistently generating investment leads in today’s very competitive Austin market.

*How to buy rentals with only 10% down with built-in appreciation of between $10,000 and $77,000 (and more)

*The fundamentals of real estate investing, including buying at wholesale prices, collecting a quick “assignment fee” for a wholesale contract, fix & flips and buy & holds.

*The hidden sources of money all around you. NOTE: They are closer than you think.

*26 ways to structure an investment deal when you don’t have much money.

*How a young couple made approx. $90,000 on two flip houses after taking the INVESTOR UNDERGROUD boot camp.

*How a different young couple made $36,000 on their first flip house using none of their own money (yes this is possible).

*How you could have captured $77,000 in equity in two weeks using none of your own money and with no rehab costs. Dan Castro did just that by buying a note (using someone else's money) and foreclosing on it the next day!

*Why someone might give you a 2 year old $400,000 house plus $20,000 cash in “Riverplace” in Austin. This happened to Dan Castro.

*How you could have traded $20,000 for $45,000 in equity and a house in Hutto, Texas.

*How you have traded $40,000 for $113,000 in equity (plus a baby grand piano!) and a house in Lakeway, Texas. Dan Castro did just that!

* You Get the "CONTRACTS BIBLE" The most coveted "How To" manual for investors in the industry.

This binder is filled with every type of contract and form you will ever need as a real estate investor for the rest of your life - all prepared by a 27 year real estate attorney.

These are all paint by number templates.

You will learn:
*What boxes to ALWAYS check.

*What boxes to NEVER check.

*What language to always delete.

*What language to always write in Special Provisions.

*Top Ten (10) Ways to Avoid A Lawsuit.

*Magic Language That Will Prevent Someone From Stealing Your Deal

*The real truth about Rent-to-Own (finally)

*How to find out who really owns the property you are trying to buy.

*What to do when there is a dead person on title.

*How to find out what liens are on your property.

*How to clear invalid liens.

*How to get rid of IRS lien.

*How to get into the business of Flipping Mobile Homes.

*The LAW as it affects your business.



Every week I get phone calls from people who lost a deal or lost money on a deal because they did not check the right box, or because they forgot to add a clause, or they forgot to delete some other clause.

The "tuition" you pay in the form of a lost deal or lost profits on a deal is always much higher than the tuition you pay for the class.

The choice is yours.

Cost: $1,495.

Course No: 30744

Provider No: 10099

We only teach this class once a year!

TO SIGN UP: Send Dan Castro an email that says "SIGN ME UP DAN! in the subject line.

Email: danmancastro@gmail.com

Or call Poppy Friske with your credit card information: 512.250.9882.

See you soon!

"Closing hard to close deals for 13 years!"

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