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    Podcaster, Meetup Organizer, & Full time investor. I'm focused on Buying and Holding Multifamily Apartment Buildings. I'd love to network with others who are interested in apartment building investing through syndications.
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    My name is Ken Allen. I am the Principal Broker at Milestone Real Estate. I started in real estate as a property manager in 2008. Today, I work with all types of real estate and property management clients.
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    International Investor and Consultant for over 20 years. Have given Investment seminars in 68 countries around the Globe as well as in 48 US States. contact InvestGlobal33@gmail.com
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    Executive Manager of Lion Solutions Group LLC. Currently looking for 25 -100 Unit Apartment Complexes across the US to purchase. LSG provides solutions for ALL situations.
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    I live in Lafayette and have owned rentals for about twenty years, rehabbed properties and wholesaled. I now mostly invest in Columbus, OH. My passion includes learning creative strategies to engage in socially conscious real estate investment.