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New Year, New Career in Real Estate. A Step by Step Approach.

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Do you know that the largest real estate fortunes are created in a recovering market?

This is the best time in history for real estate investors to get in the business. However the window of opportunity is closing fast! We have another 12 to 18 months of great deals, but we are already on the up curve of the market and climbing fast.

I will bring together all the relevant information that you need to be aware of today and give you the tools to jump on the "real estate train" before it is too late.

During this meeting, I would like to talk about where real estate investing is heading and my recommendations:

• What will work in real estate investing in 2014?

• What has changed from the old way of doing things and how to gain the edge?

• 5 little known strategies to watch out for with great income potential;

• No Money, No Credit ... No Job, No Problem - Learn how to utilize private money (O.P.M.) to finance your real estate deals and make money doing it (the "double dip" system;)

• A step-by-step plan of action that you can implement today and jumpstart your real estate investing career;

... and much more

** Bonus Training **
We will work on a personalized Step by Step Plan of Action together for 2014 during the event that you can take home with you!

Now take a moment and ask yourself - what exactly do you expect from real estate? Why are you interested in learning more about this business?

• Increase Your Cash Flow;

• Save For Retirement;

• Pay Off Your Debt;

• Help Your Children/Pay For College;

• Build Lasting Wealth;

• Get a Higher Rate of Return on Your Money;

• Generate Passive Income.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and as always, network with other investors and professionals, before and after the presentation, who have services and information that can be beneficial to all attendees.

The knowledge that you will gain will be the best gift that you can give yourself and your family this New Year.

About Laura

Laura Al-Amery is a real estate investor and consultant with extensive experience in several aspects of the real estate business. She has practiced real estate nationwide and she has hosted seminars and public speaking engagements for over 10 years, in subjects like creative financing, building wealth with multi-family buildings, buying notes and short sales.

She currently coaches several students in the Atlanta area in wholesaling, raising private money and buying tax delinquent properties with only $1 options.

Read more about Laura and connect at ( and Facebook (


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