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For many small businesses understanding Ideation management makes the difference between taking risks and being successful or sitting on the sidelines.

All great ideas don't automatically translate into great products, neither do all great products translate automatically into revenue streams. Ideas need to be consciously nurtured and thoughtfully developed into sustainable customer equity. This is where the role of a mentor becomes all the more crucial. Do you have a great idea and are struggling to convert it into commercial success? Join us on 15th Jan 2016 for a curtain raiser session.

With thousand of projects pitched to investor community every day, only a few catch the investors’ attention. Most of the obstacles can be overcome by good preparation and practice. Often start-up leadership is focused only on the technology or product and are not aligned with the business, financial, and marketing arenas. A business needs funds to commence business activities and to accelerate business strategically

Organizers: Investronaut, an incubator and business consultant for early and growth startups.

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