• March 2019 Invite the Muse Course Meet

    1520 Behrens St

    We are having a guest facilitator at March's Meetup! Karen Parker will lead the group in an exploration of "Time, Identity and Community".

  • Invite the Muse Writing Course- Meeting for February 2019

    1520 Behrens St


    A UNIQUE WRITING EXPERIENCE! FEE: $5 at the door. Ongoing Monthly Class for Adult Writers-beginner or seasoned. Bring a pen and journal or paper, and be sure to Invite your Muse! Heads Up! I am giving you the subject matter ahead of time re February's Saturday group, so you can mull on it and bring in notes. (We will be doing an art experiential first.) WRITING: “The Road Not Taken” Think about a crucial life decision you have made, that determined the direction of your life. List at least three. Pick one, write about it, and tell us what might have happened had you chosen this alternative path, road or journey. Where would you be now? Who would you be? Why? How? Bring in your ideas and write/finish during the group time, then share with group. Suggested subject matter: (one or a combo of a few); Job/Career; Mate; Divorce: Marriage: Keep the Baby; Retiring: Surgery:House: Friendship: Children/No Children: Health; Where I Settled Down. Held on third Saturdays in 2019. Newcomers welcome! Must RSVP Emily to be assured of a place in the class, please email me at: [masked]. Phone:[masked]. Partially funded for 2019 by ACNV-Arts Council Napa Valley. Special BOOK EXCHANGE; Please bring a book or interesting reading materials --any kind that you're ready to pass along & share, give away, lend...2019 calendars, pamphlets, magazines, etc.

  • Invite the Muse Writing Course- Meeting for January 2019

    JANUARY CLASS IS FULL! (Note: We will have more room in February, when we resume meeting at 1520 Behrens Street.) Interested in poetry and narrative? New to writing, like to write, been writing on your own, or writing for a long time-in secret? Ready to take the next steps-to listen, learn and share in a safe, comfortable environment with others? Emily Freiman, Napa Valley Art Association President and group facilitator, will present one new stand-alone lesson a month, with specific ideas or themes to grab hold and fly with, sure to inspire you. She will incorporate an aspect of artistic expression in the sessions. Bring a pen and a journal/writing book/paper, and be sure to invite your Muse! RSVP required, to secure your spot. January's meet will be held at Napa's Bookmine bookstore. February's and following Meetups will be held at 1520 Behrens Street, Art Center Napa Valley. FUNDED in part by Arts Council Napa Valley.