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Free events and group wellness classes sponsored by Inwood Acupuncture and Sacred Tao Acupuncture. Some of our upcoming classes include a weight loss and stress relief class (The Dragon's Way), and free wellness events that include self-care acupressure for health (Four Energy Gates), guided meditation and other Taoist meditation techniques, ear seeds for health, stress, anxiety, metabolism, and fertility, and Tai Ji lessons.

Organizer: Sacred Tao Acupuncture and Inwood Acupuncture

Visit http://www.sacredtaoacupuncture.com (Calendar & Registration tab) for schedule and details.

Location: Inwood Movement, 5030 Broadway, Suite 613, New York, NY 10034

Jennifer Oh, LAc, and Corey Eisenberg, LAc, have been serving the Inwood community for more than 7 years with holistic wellness classes, acupuncture, and tui na massage. Both are board-certified acupuncturists who are accomplished, gold-medal winning martial artists with more than 30 years of Wu Ming Qigong, Taoist Tai Ji, and Tae Kwon Do experience combined. Dedicated to educating the community about holistic health, we're pleased to offer free wellness events and group classes to anyone interested in accessing their self-healing abilities for wellness. Jennifer Oh is a graduate of Columbia University, Duke University, and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and Corey is a graduate of Berkeley College of Music, New England Conservatory, and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

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