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We are a bunch of enthusiast fascinated about the world of connected devices. This forum is for like minded people who wants to work on Internet of Things (IoT).

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Robotics ·Electronics ·Microcontrollers · Wireless Communications ·Arduino · Startup Businesses · Design Thinking · Internet of Things · M2M Devices ·Web of things · Smart Sensors · Raspberry Pi ·Telematics · M2M . Intel Edision , Open Source Software, Node.JS

Who should join.
This group is for those who are excited about Internet of things connecting different hardware devices like Arduino, RaspberryPI, Intel Edisons to one another via the web using Open Source Softwares.

Building Internet of Things systems is complex. This group focus on the big picture of building IoT Applications using open source software without losing track of the details so that you joyfully transform sensors, actuators and controllers into big, creative applications.

If your a geek Interested in Open Source, Robotics, Apis, integrating many devices into data sensitive real time applications then this group is for you.

What members can expect of the group, and what you expect of them.

Geeks who want to build IoT Applications where sensors and actuators can be accessed from cloud and communicate each other, Entrepreneurs, programmers, designers who would like to make world smarter by building connected devices are welcome. Also, people interested in learning IoT supported devices like Arduino, Intel Edison, Raspberry PI devices.

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