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Down & dirty with the Raspberry Pi!

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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We're getting down and dirty with the Raspberry Pi!

We want to design, implement, extend and fix components which users can run on their Raspberry Pis to get specific functionality for their applications. Our vision is that you pick the components you need and then just need to create the logic connecting these.

Examples are:

- Connect a webcam and request photos from any browser

- Get generic, remote GPIO access


Please bring a laptop! We provide some Raspberry Pis, but you can, of course, bring your own. Hardware to connect to the Pis is highly welcome!

Components are dockerized (easy install, no interference with the host system) and use for connectivity. is an open-source messaging router. It's a great fit for IoT applications: there are client libraries for a lot of languages and in allows both the collection of information and command & control. (Tobias and I are working on this software)

At the meetup you could

• use existing components for projects and file issues encountered or provide bug fixes and improve the documentation.

• develop new components

• develop new applications using existing components

It could be whatever you bring to the table, as long as it is reasonably connected to the IoT cookbook.

The code in the IoT Cookbook is all liberally licensed, i.e. it can be used by anybody for anything. itself is also free to use. Anything we would create during the IoT meetup is accessible to all, worldwide, and can be run using just free, open source technology.