• ~ 17/9 ~ AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure - IoT Clouds Meetup
    It is next to impossible to have an opportunity to listen to talks about the Big 3 clouds at the same time. And that's what we arranged for this meetup! We will get an update about the IoT offerings of AWS, GCP and Azure, and by the end of the meetup we'll have a complete picture of the pros and cons of each! Not to lose! Agenda 18:00 - Gathering and Pizzas 18:15 - 5 min opening by Guy Vinograd 18:20 - EY 18:25 – 18:50 - The AWS Ecosystem for IoT | Alon Leshem, Softimize Abstract: In this talk I'll focus mainly on AWS IoT family of services: Core, Analytics, Greengrass, Defender, and also how Alexa connects to the celebration. 18:50 Plank break 19:00 – 19:25 - The Google Cloud Ecosystem for IoT | Ido Flatow, Google Cloud Abstract: The process of building IoT systems that need to ingest data, process, analyze, and visualize the results can seem like a daunting task. The cloud, as it usually does, makes your job a lot easier. In this session we will talk about how Google Cloud makes it easier to build IoT systems, using IoT Core, Cloud Pub/Sub, Dataflow, BiqQuery, and additional services that can save time and money, implementing your data driven system. 19:25 – 19:35 – Short Break 19:35 – 19:55 - The Microsoft Azure Ecosystem for IoT | Ran Ben-Ishai, CloudZone

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  • Best Practices for Sensor to Gateway Protocols and Pairing
    Today's landscape of the RF protocols available for sensor to sensor to Gateway communication is richer than ever. As a result, new methods became available to setup and pair sensors-gateways-mobile apps-users. This richness is great but also makes it confusing to decide the right solution for a specific use-case. In this meetup we will focus on the sweet spots of each of the protocols and pairing methods, and share real-world case studies and state-of-the-art best practices of the industry. Will be fascinating! Parking: There are several parking lots located near by. We recommend 12 HaZerem St or 11 HaThiya St parking lots which charges 20 NIS a day, no time limited. Agenda: 18:00-18:15 Networking & snacks 18:15 5 min opening | Guy Vinograd, group organizer, Softimize 18:20 5 min Intro to Impact Labs | Sefi Attias, Innovation Shepherd, Impact Labs 18:25 - 18:50 Techniques for Initial Setup and Pairing of IoT Devices | Michael Mars, Architect, Softimize Abstract: For an IoT application to work for the end user, somebody must set up and pair the pieces of this distributed system. Of course it's doable but the key challenge is whether it is doable quickly enough by the typical end user who may not be tech-savvy, and may be old / short-sighted / wearing gloves / etc.. In this session we'll discuss methods like QR code scanning, BLE+wifi, NFC, and various device discovery methods, and share case studies and lessons learned. 18:50 Plank and Snacks break (10 min) 19:00 - 19:25 IoT Communication Protocols Overview | Milan Yudkevich, Founder, SensiEdge Abstract: BLE Mesh, ZigBee, Thread, LoRa, Sigfox, Wifi, NB-IoT are all valid protocols to use in many situations. But when you need to optimize your IoT solution, you must know the sweet spots and the limitations of the protocols in order to choose the right mix of protocols for you. 19:25-19:35 Yet, more snacks 19:35 - 19:55 My Journey to Create TargetPoint's IoT Solution | Eitan Shtarkman, Co-Founder, TargetPoint Technologies Abstract: We started from the drawing board and now we have a working poultry vaccination IoT solution that via the cloud enables, for the first time in history, complete transparency of the vaccination process for the benefit of the health regulators, the meat distributors, and for us (most of us anyway..), the meat consumers. It was not easy to make it, and I'm happy to "pay forward" and share the road we made. _ _ _ About Softimize: Softimize is the provider of TBB (Thing Building Blocks), the quickest path of medical device manufacturers to their own medical device cloud and applications. TBB is a medical IoT cloud platform, enabling full ownership of its intellectual property, thus securing the future. TBB integrates with any medical device, provide out-of-the-boxes features that save up to 1-2 years of time to market and up to $1M of R&D NRE. It is HIPAA/GDPR-eligible, and features unparalleled cost-performance scalability. About SensiEDGE: SensiEDGE IoT SoM is a fully customisable solution for developers who want to focus on their own applications and core competencies rather than the underlying hardware platform or production logistics when creating products for the IoT. About Target Point Technologies: Target Point Technologies Ltd develops a connected poultry vaccination system composed of an injection device, smartphone app, and desktop management system. The device is designed to increase the efficiency and ease of vaccinating poultry.

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  • Intel Global IoT DevFest Virtual Conference
    Hi IoT experts, On November 7th-8th join us for Intel® Global IoT DevFest II and get tips, tricks and tutorials from over 90 IoT experts, innovators and professionals! CLAIM YOUR TICKET NOW - FOR FREE ! (http://globaliotfest.withthebest.com/?utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=159&utm_content=&utm_campaign=globaliotdevfestii) Registrants will gain access to the conference platform where they can collaborate and ask questions live, schedule 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with some of the speakers, and have access to replays of the sessions at any time during or after the event. Check out some of the speakers here: - Maciej Kranz (VP of Strategic Innovation, Cisco) - David Formisano (Director of IoT Strategy, Intel) - Lothar Schubert (Director of Developer Relations & Industrial IoT, GE) - Softimize is honored to be also included in this list of speakers! Our Guy Vinograd tech talk will take place Nov 7th, 15:20PM (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B49nw1tgv7FCVFg3THMwTm9lazg/view) ---> IoT = Device + Cloud. Best Practices for End to End IoT Architecture More than one thousand developers from around the globe joined our first series! You wouldn't want to miss out on this second one. Join today: https://goo.gl/6kuyJH Don’t miss out ! See you there! ;)

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    Hi IoT experts, Get your bunny slippers ready, set the coffee pot, and keep Sat October 14th - Sun 15th free! With The Best is offering the members of Smart IoT Product Experts a 50% discount for a full weekend online tech conference for developers featuring the world’s top IoT technology experts, amazing startups, labs, and hard core devs. Confirmed speakers include Sandy Carter, VP of Amazon Web Services, Andrew Psaltis, Solutions Architect at Hortonworks, Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging tech at The SAS Institute, and Ashok Banerjee, CTO of Symantec. Softimize is honored to be included in this list of speakers! Our Guy Vinograd tech talk will take place October 15th (exact hour will be published soon). Live tech talks from each speaker, followed by Q&As for you to dig a bit deeper, and book a private 1-to-1 session to have your own time with an IoT expert! Share and boost your own skills with other ‘Things’ gurus and enthusiasts around the world. Not available for the whole conference? No worries! You’ll have access to all the talks after the event. Don’t miss out - purchase your tickets today for $30 instead of the standard rate of $60 using code SMARTISRAEL50 Register here (http://iot.withthebest.com/). See you there!

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  • DLD Meetup~Best practices for clouds and user experience
    This meetup, happening as part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival (http://www.dldtelaviv.com), aims at sharing solutions to problems tackled by IoT product managers. The first talk will shed light on the over-crowded world of IoT clouds and share guidelines for selecting the truly relevant ones. The second talk goes physical and will give us insights about how to design the device as a product that people love to use, own and use again. Will be fascinating! Parking: There are several parking lots located near by. We recommend Rothschild parking lot (https://www.google.co.il/maps/dir/) (end of Rothschild Boulevard) which charge 25 NIS, no time limited, starting 5pm. + There is a 10 NIS discount for the Billie's customers. Agenda: 19:00 Guy Vinograd, group organizer: 5 min opening 19:05-19:50 Guy Vinograd, CEO, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co/): OK, I Need an IoT Cloud. Now What?? Abstract: So you have a device and you know you need an IoT cloud to make it a “Connected Device”. What are the possible IoT clouds out there? Which of them do you need (hint: more than one usually)? How to select the right ones? How much will they cost and how will it impact your business model? In this session, all these questions will be answered, and a few others as well :) 19:50-20:00 Snacks break 20:00-20:45 Ziv Botzer, Senior Product Designer, Tamooz (http://www.tamooz.com/): Understanding Design; Making IOT Products that Customers Will Appreciate Abstract: Technology driven entrepreneurs and developers are moving mountains. Your ideas harness the power of data to make the previously unimaginable into common practice and democratize previously inaccessible services. How do we take these intentions and connect them with real users on both practical and emotional levels? In this talk we’ll take a stroll down cognitive biases, brain structures, and arrive at practical guidelines for helping you realize your technology as a product people love to use, own and use again. _ _ _ About Softimize: Softimize is the #1 IoT clouds company in Israel. Softimize develops the TBB (Thing Building Blocks) IoT platform that's aimed at device vendors, and eases their journey to create connected devices. On top of TBB Softimize provides the device vendors with professional services that completely offload the burden of developing the cloud-mobile-web components of the IoT solution. About Tamooz : Tamooz is a unique service provider specializing in the creation of technology driven physical products. By bringing together expertise in industrial design, engineering and user experience, we help leading manufacturers and emerging startups translate their technologies into valuable, feasible and cost-conscious products.

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  • The Challenges in Developing an Amazon Echo-Like Product
    This is a short online meetup by Zohar Shimelmitz­. Zohar will review some of the new hardware chipsets targeting Audio Beamforming Application. The review will cover the main topics that any engineer must know before starting an audio beamforming project, including existing technical limitations, tradoffs and software packages that could save you time. Time: 30min. URL: https://meet.lync.com/redtreesolutions/zohar/WCIFZU7S

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  • IoT Protocols Best Practices
    IoT protocols are the glue that binds the various elements of the IoT architecture – from sensors to gateways to clouds. In IoT, there's no one-size-fits-all protocol like for example HTTP for web, and TCP/IP for the Internet. So when we design an IoT system, we must thoroughly understand our technical requirements, and then we are able to decide which IoT protocols we're going to use, based on their characteristics, pros and cons. In this meetup we're going to dive deep into those characteristics. Parking: There are several parking lots located near by. We recommend Habima Theater parking lot (end of Rothschild Boulevard) which charge 25 NIS, no time limited, starting 5pm. Agenda: 18:00-18:15 Networking & snacks 18:15-18:20 Guy Vinograd, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co/) – 5 min opening 18:20-18:25 Aviram Sela, TechCode (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Rotchild%2022%2C%20%2C%20Tel%20Aviv-Yafo) – 5 min opening 18:25-18:50 Elad Lachmi, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co/): Device to Gateway - BLE Deep Dive Abstract: BLE is probably the most popular method of device-to-gateway protocols. I'm going to describe the strength and weaknesses of BLE and then dive in. We'll discuss GATT, including services and characteristics, Beacons, chips, mobile, and some protocol design patterns. 18:50-19:05 Plank and Snacks break 19:05-19:30 Pavel Stessin, former head of R&D at SpiceBox Labs (https://www.spiceboxlabs.com/): Building and Selecting Hardware for Connected Devices Abstract: In this talk, we will show the building blocks of connected products, we will discuss the various considerations for selecting the hardware and components. Deeper examples of BLE products will be given. 19:30-19:45 Yet, more snacks 19:45-20:10 Roy Dar, STANLEY Healthcare (http://www.stanleyhealthcare.com/): Optimizing IoT Protocols for Raspberry PI Abstract: WIFI RTLS technologies, BLE, LCD, Cellular modem are all part of the new STANLEY Healthcare IoT gateway that is based on nothing else by the Raspberry PI(!). In this talk I'll deep dive into those technologies and the challenges around using Raspberry PI as a production ready IOT Gateway – namely its stability and security. _ _ _ About Softimize: Softimize is the #1 IoT clouds company in Israel. Softimize develops the TBB (Thing Building Blocks) IoT platform that's aimed at device vendors, and eases their journey to create connected devices. On top of TBB Softimize provides the device vendors with professional services that completely offload the burden of developing the cloud-mobile-web components of the IoT solution. About SpiceBox Labs: SpiceBox Labs is a connected product development market leader, designing end to end smart solutions that create a bridge of communication between hardware, firmware, software and the user. Our mission is to build harmony from complexity. By harnessing cutting edge technologies, we accompany our partners from the initial idea phase to strategic planning, through system architecture, product and UX/UI design, eventually creating a smart, connected product. About STANLEY Healthcare: STANLEY Healthcare provides over 17,000 healthcare organizations with visibility solutions and analytics to advance the quality of care. The STANLEY Healthcare solution set enables customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in five critical areas: Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Operations & Workflow, and Supply Chain & Asset Management.


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  • IoT Day @AWS Pop-up Loft | Tel Aviv 2017
    Hi Smart IoT Product Experts ! How about getting some (more) IoT thru your veins ?? You are all invited to join AWS Pop-up Loft Tel Aviv. Register, sign up for sessions, consult with a cloud architect and try AWS Direct Connect all for free: https://aws.amazon.com/start-ups/loft/tlv-loft/ Please make sure to select "IoT" on the Categories bar • ***Here are ALL the details of the 3 IoT lectures :*** 1. Connecting the Unconnected: IoT Made Simple Connecting physical devices to the cloud can enhance the user experience. AWS IoT is a managed service that enables Internet-connected things (sensors, actuators, devices, and applications) to easily and securely interact with each other and the cloud. In this session, we will discuss how constrained devices can send data to the cloud and receive commands back to the device. Devices can securely connect using MQTT, HTTP and WebSockets protocols and developers can leverage several features of AWS IoT such as the Rules Engine and Thing Shadows to quickly and easily build a real connected product. This session will take a practical approach to developing real-world IoT and mobile applications in which the back end is serverless and can scale from one to virtually unlimited users without any infrastructure or servers to manage. Speaker: Poccia, Danilo (Technical Evangelist, AWS) Lang.: English Level: Introduction Date:[masked]:00:00 2. Implementing a Serverless IoT Architecture In this session we'll build a demo environment where temperature and humidity sensors, that can be distributed worldwide, are sending data that is processed using AWS IoT, stored to an S3 bucket using a Kinesis Firehose delivery stream, aggregated by location (using geohashes) and time (in 30 seconds tumbling time windows) via a Kinesis Analytics application, and the output Kinesis Stream is process by a Lambda function publishing the information back on the AWS IoT platform, in specific MQTT topics where a static web page, using client-side JavaScript, is subscribing via secure WebSockets to display the aggregated data on a world map. Speaker: Poccia, Danilo (Technical Evangelist, AWS) Lang.: English Level: Advanced Date:[masked]:00:00 3. IoT = Device + Cloud. Best practices for End To End IoT Architecture When designing an IoT product it's so easy to focus on the one component in the IoT architecture that's within our comfort zone, and forget the rest. One example is of an HW-oriented CTO that designs the PCB and afterward realizes their HW is too weak because of cloud IoT protocols and the required encryption. In this talk, I'll discuss the major questions the architect has to ask in order to design an end-to-end IoT architecture, which should be a step before the design of any specific component. I'll also demonstrate a live demo that brings AWS IoT together with Alexa. Speaker: Guy Vinograd (Co-Founder and CEO, Softimize) Lang.: Hebrew Level: Introduction Date:[masked]:00:00

    AWS Pop-up Loft

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  • IoT Gateway Best Practices
    In this meetup we're going to focus on the Gateway. Sometimes the Gateway is the end device with the sensors on it, and sometimes its primary function is a relay to the cloud. In this meetup we are focusing on two aspects of Gateway development: embedded IoT software, and physical design. Looking forward to see you at Google :-) Guy Agenda: 18:00-18:20 Networking, snacks 18:20-18:55 Elad Lachmi, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co/): Raspberry PI - IoT Gateway the easy way Abstract: Raspberry PI has been around for over 4 years. In the past year it matured significantly and became a valid tool for building professional IoT gateways and Fast! In this talk I will review its abilities - From RF to OS to code to cloud connectivity, and create - on stage - an A to Z IoT gateway. 18:55-19:10 The plank break challenge 19:10-19:40 Maor Perez, TandemG (http://www.tandemg.com/): Connecting your "thing" to the internet Abstract: This session will focus on how to connect a device to the cloud. Current technology portfolio introduces many transports and even more protocols to use them. We will review the process of selecting the needed transport, the cons and pros and how it affects the entire system. Should we go only with of the shelf cloud platforms that require standard implementation on our device? Is it always feasible? We will examine different samples of connected devices with different limitations that define a different mode of work. 19:40-19:50 Yet More snacks 19:50-20:20 Adi Alfia and Ayal Aran, Syntax DI (http://www.syntax-di.com/): Designing IOT products with user scenario In mind Abstract: Most users adopted quickly to using digital interfaces and to using digital centered products. IoT products present a new set of user scenarios. It is a challenge that designers need to tackle with an open mind. How should we approach these new opportunities? We will discuss ways of striking a balance between the digital & physical. About Softimize: Softimize is the leading R&D center of cloud-native IoT services for OEMs in Israel, serving global product companies ranging from $Bn in size to start-ups. As such, it is the leading Israeli R&D partner of the major cloud providers such as Google (Directory listing (https://cloud.google.com/partners/#?q=softimize)) and AWS (Directory listing (http://www.aws-partner-directory.com/PartnerDirectory/PartnerDetail?Name=Softimize)). About TandemG: TandemG is Israel’s leading Software, Hardware and Systems R&D center, acting as a one-stop-shop for our range of partners, from prominent start-ups through to market leaders, from prototypes to final products. About Syntax DI: Syntax is an industrial design studio that offers complete design solutions for IoT and Wearable products. Our experience helps both start-ups, who lack manufacturing know how and B2B oriented companies, access the consumer market.

    Google Office Auditorium

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  • IoT Security - How to Collect & Protect your IoT Data
    Since a full IoT service spreads across a lot of various technologies and disciplines, providing security for IoT becomes a very complex task. Moreover, every component of the IoT service has to be secured across all the layers that it's built on – from the HW to infrastructures to OS to VM to software and more. In this meetup we are going to present best practices for securing some of the essential parts of a IoT service – The device/gateway, and the cloud. Parking: There are two free parking lots on Shankar St. AGENDA: 18:00-18:20 Networking, Pizza & Beer 18:20-18:50 Guy Vinograd, Softimize (http://www.softimize.co): Securing IoT Cloud Services Abstract: What is the right way to authenticate IoT devices? What is Security-First software design? What design patterns can comply as HIPAA? Those questions and more will be answered in my presentation. 18:50-19:00 More Beer 19:00-19:30 Lahav Savir, Emind (http://www.emind.co/): How to Protect Your IOT Data on the Cloud Abstract: This session will focus on how to design and deploy a robust IOT solution on the cloud. With the boom of IOT, cloud vendors like AWS and GCP have catered their platform features to the bright world of IOT making it a lot easier to quickly deploy and integrate devices. Using the industry's best practices and tools coupled with cloud automation, building a secure IOT application has become more achievable. 19:30-19:40 Yet More Beer 19:40-20:10 Erez Metula, AppSec Labs (https://appsec-labs.com/): Hacking The IOT – Top 10 vulnerabilities of IOT products Abstract: The "things" are all around us, with more to come exponentially as days go by. Smart homes, connected cities, smart medical devices, industrial IOT, you name it – they all are targets for attacks that were not possible up until recent years, when they can be accessed from the cloud and controlled from your favorite mobile app. Everybody talks about the benefits they'll bring, but are they developed with security in mind? Can someone spy on our users? Or take control over something from the "physical" world? Or maybe manipulate with some information sent from the device to the cloud? During this talk, Erez will go over the most common security vulnerabilities that exists in IOT products, by sharing his experience as an IOT penetration tester. We'll go over each of those vulnerabilities, and witness how they can be exploited by having a demos of the tools and techniques attackers will use against our IOT product. About Softimize: Softimize is the leading R&D center of cloud-native IoT services for OEMs in Israel, serving global product companies ranging from $Bn in size to start-ups. About Emind: Emind is an AWS Premier Partner and Managed Service Partner as well as Google for Work Premier Partner. About AppSec Labs: AppSec Labs is a leading Application Security Company, providing its multitude of customers from a wide range of industries with high end security testing, training and consulting services for web, desktop, mobile and IoT applications.

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