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IoT Belfast is a regular meetup event in Belfast, we aim to bring together people from across industries and different walks of life to discuss and learn about the Internet of Things, and how it may relate to their lives and business.

We come together every month, where 3 speakers have 15 minutes each to share their stories, experiences, technology, invention or opinion on IoT. We encourage speakers from across ages, expertise and skill levels, whether it be a start-up talking about their IoT launch product, an established telecomms company presenting their latest IoT platform, to hobbyists and students who wish to share their recent invention/creation for feedback and comment. We aim to offer a broad range of speakers and to keep the event fresh.

After the presentations there are informal drinks and snacks to encourage friendly networking and community building.

Upcoming events (2)

IoT Belfast 18 - From Prototype to Production

Queens Computer Science Building

Planning is well underway for a Meet up with an electronics / manufacturing / IoT Theme. Venue: Queen's University, Computer Science Building 1. John Bustard - Queen's University - "Prototyping projects in QLab" Our focus is on developing with widely used technology that aligns well with the expertise of students and enables rapid prototyping. For example, raspberry pis, arduinos and pcs connected via http communication protocols. We also have a policy of pushing functionality out from the device to pcs that connect via http so that we have relatively minimal and similar code running on each IoT Device with low latency remote control/monitoring. 2. Philip McAleese from See.Sense will present on "Hardware is hard". Philip will share his experiences of taking See.Sense from idea into volume production, and the challenges of scale. 3. Stephen McDowell - Lenalea Electronics will present on "The next step, manufacturing". Stephen will explain what is required to take your design to a manufacturer for prototyping.

IoT Belfast 19 - Civil Engineering

Needs a location

Planning is underway for an IoT Belfast with a civil engineering theme. Save the Date! Venue: TBC

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IoT Belfast 17 - Cyber Security

Liberty IT

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