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IoT Belfast is a regular meetup event in Belfast, we aim to bring together people from across industries and different walks of life to discuss and learn about the Internet of Things, and how it may relate to their lives and business.

We come together every month, where 3 speakers have 15 minutes each to share their stories, experiences, technology, invention or opinion on IoT. We encourage speakers from across ages, expertise and skill levels, whether it be a start-up talking about their IoT launch product, an established telecomms company presenting their latest IoT platform, to hobbyists and students who wish to share their recent invention/creation for feedback and comment. We aim to offer a broad range of speakers and to keep the event fresh.

After the presentations there are informal drinks and snacks to encourage friendly networking and community building.

Upcoming events (3)

IoT Belfast 24: Lightning Talks (call for speakers is ACTIVE).

Firstly, thanks for being a great IoT Belfast community. You make these events what they are. To this end, we would like the next IoT Belfast (24th August) to be a celebration of you. Specifically, we would like it be a focus on your IoT-related projects (perhaps loosely so!) followed by a table/pub quiz! (we just happen to be in a bar for this one). The current plan is to have up to 4-5 lightning talks by IoT Belfast members followed by a table/pub quiz! (we just happen to be in a bar for this one). To make this happen we would need a critical mass of speakers, say 4 or 5. These lightning presentations/talks/demos should be a around 5-10 minutes each. If you are interested in demoing/talking/presenting/kicking off a discussion please provide some details via https://forms.gle/Z4DR8CwUBcwfYfXy9 If it looks like the event will reach critical mass we will send around a confirmation and a call for questions to add to the ones we will have. This will be another form for you to provide your geeky/fun/random facts with answers! Just maybe avoid the "What is an airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" question unless you specify if its African or European ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uio1J2PKzLI ) . We will may limit the number of questions from individuals to stop some gaming the questions... or not as its just a bit of fun ;) A lot of you are working on some really interesting things, and we cant wait to hear from you! Failing reaching critical mass, if you all think the pub quiz could be fun on its own just say in the forum :)

IoT Belfast 25: IoT in Aerospace

Needs a location

This event is geared around IoT in aerospace. We are currently speaking with leading companies in this area and aim to bring you a very interesting evening of talks and excellent networking opportunities. More information to follow....

IoT Belfast 26 - Intelligent Transport

Needs a location

Planning has begun for an event with an intelligent transport theme.

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