• IoT Belfast 23 - IET Special Event - Technology for an Ageing Population

    This month we're running a special event in partnership with the IET. More details and registration details are available on the IET website: https://localevents.theiet.org/4ab972 1. Paul Moorhead, CTO of Kraydel, will present on: Taking the Tech out of Age-tech. Paul will explain how technology can enable safe and independent later life without becoming intrusive 2. Candace Lafleur, Managing Director of Hey Mylo will present on: Robots in Care. Candace will explain how Hey Mylo went about designing a robot to make a genuine impact on the quality of life of older people. 3. Dr. Matias Garcia-Constantino, Research Associate at Connected Heath Innovation Centre (CHIC), Ulster University. Matias will present a solution which provides semi-automated annotation of home activities for healthcare applications.

  • IoT Belfast 22: IoT technology expose

    Ulster University

    This months IoT meetup is one definitely not to miss. Book early to avoid disappointment! Arrow (https://www.arrow.com/) is a major global electronic component distributor. As a component distributor, they sell components from all the major IoT chipset manufacturers. They are therefore in a unique position to give independent technical information on all the products they sell and how it may impact your business or project. Arrow are going to take the whole night and show off the latest IoT technologies from major manufacturers worldwide. Expect to see emerging IoT technologies that you may not have heard about. See demonstrations of technologies that you have heard of but haven’t had the chance to learn more about. Arrow will be bringing along experts in the IoT field that can help you solve in-depth technical issues or give independent advice on market trends enabling you to make strategic decisions on what technologies to use. The presentations will cater for: - Senior business leaders wanting to know what technologies their company should invest in. - Hardware and software engineers with technical questions or just wanting to see the latest technologies in IoT. - Other professionals wanting to know more about developing products, including supply chain logistics, design services, cloud services and more. --------------- AGENDA 6:30pm Informal networking with light refreshments. 7:00pm Welcome and introductions, Sean Gilmour. 7:05pm Introducing Sue McGuire, the new Business Development Manager at Digital Catapult. 7:10pm Introducing Ed Montgomery, Research Institute in Secure Hardware and Embedded Systems 7:15pm An overview of the latest IoT technology (chipsets and capabilities) currently on offer from leading global manufacturers. By Danny Jennings IoT Business Development Manager UK and Benelux. 8:00pm Q&A opportunity with Arrow technical experts. 8:15-8:45pm Networking and demos - an opportunity to see the latest technologies in action.

  • IoT Belfast 21: LPWAN NI Showcase

    Digital Catapult NI

    April's IoT Belfast is a showcase of projects which leverage the Northern Ireland wide, LoraWAN network. Digital Catapult have kindly offered to host the event in their offices located @ the Ormeau Baths Gallery. In addition to a number of project presentations, there will be some exciting announcements about the future of the network and funding opportunities! Presentation 1. Alan Gibson - Causeway Coding Tourist footfall counting using the Internet of Things. Presentation 2. Mike Little - Donald Electronics LPWAN-connected asset locator. Presentation 3. David McLaughlin - eBreathe Remote Air Quality & Asthma Management There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub.

  • IoT Belfast 20 - Connected Health Event

    BT NI Headquarters

    This month's IoT Belfast theme is Connected Health. BT have kindly offered to host the event in their amazing Riverside offices, and will provide refreshments. 1) JOHN DAVIES, Chief Researcher, BT Title: IoT... from data to insight Description: This presentation will review the technology layers that comprise the Internet of Things and will discuss the extraction of value from IoT data with reference to healthcare and other applications area. 2) DAVID BRANAGH, Centre Director, Connected Health Innovation Centre Title: Health Connected Projects and CHIC Description: CHIC is an industry-led research organisation with a vision of transforming healthcare. This presentation will cover the drivers of connected healthcare as well as looking in more detail at a number of IoT projects CHIC has worked on including management of heart failure and smart long-term care. 3) THOMAS BROLLY, Senior Software Engineer, HeartSine Title: Utilising Connected Health and IoT technologies to monitor new and legacy devices, maintaining service across multiple locations. Description: Medical devices such as Defibrillators will remain unused for most (in some cases, all) of their service life. This is similar to the functionality of other emergency products such as fire extinguishers. It is important however to ensure that in the event that they are needed, they will operate flawlessly, due to the nature of the emergency at hand. Our product line already incorporates integrated automatic testing to detect and report issues to the user who reviews the status of the device as part of a regular inspection schedule. The connectivity that can be provided by incorporating IoT technology, offers an additional level of confidence to our customers in ensuring all connected devices will operate to their full effectiveness. HeartSine Connected samaritan PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) enables AED (Automated External Defibrillator) program managers to readily manage a fleet of HeartSine® AEDs across single or multiple locations. The HeartSine Connected samaritan PAD can seamlessly interface with LIFENET®, a comprehensive cloud-based platform that provides information and tools to support devices in the field. LIFENET® can respond to issues discovered in the field and provide feedback and instruction to enable early intervention for device maintenance. This presentation will include an overview of a system that is used to monitor manage and locate AEDs made locally. There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub.

  • IoT Belfast 19 - IoT for buildings and Civil Engineering

    This months IoT Belfast theme is civil engineering and building management systems. February 20th Venue: MCS Group 1) Bobby Weir, McFarland Associates - Using IoT and Fibre Optics to monitor structural health of concrete structures. 2) Rick Richmond, Intel (Movidius) Non-invasive camera systems for next generation buildings. 3) George Redpath, Lumen ID - Creating Secure devices for Secure Buildings

  • IoT Belfast 18 - From Prototype to Production

    Queens Computer Science Building

    This month's meetup will have an electronics / manufacturing / IoT Theme. Venue: Queen's University, Computer Science Building 1. John Bustard - Queen's University - "Prototyping projects in QLab" Our focus is on developing with widely used technology that aligns well with the expertise of students and enables rapid prototyping. For example, raspberry pis, arduinos and pcs connected via http communication protocols. We also have a policy of pushing functionality out from the device to pcs that connect via http so that we have relatively minimal and similar code running on each IoT Device with low latency remote control/monitoring. 2. Philip McAleese from See.Sense will present on "Hardware is hard". Philip will share his experiences of taking See.Sense from idea into volume production, and the challenges of scale. 3. Stephen McDowell - Lenalea Electronics will present on "The next step, manufacturing". Stephen will explain what is required to take your design to a manufacturer for prototyping.

  • IoT Belfast 17 - Cyber Security

    Liberty IT

    This month Liberty IT have kindly allowed IoT Belfast to meet in their amazing offices on Adelaide Street. 1. Ciaran Conliffe - Liberty IT - Threat Modelling and the Internet of Things Threat Modelling is a powerful technique for security analysis. With the aid of two worked examples, we'll try to show how it can be used to improve the security of smart devices. 2. Jorge Martínez Carracedo - Ulster University / BT Innovation Centre - Cryptography for IoT: An overview. The Internet of Thing (IoT) has rapidly emerged as the manifesto of the Linked Society, where everything that benefits from a connection is connected. The IoT consists of multiple ecosystems, with different requirements and capabilities. As IoT environments are capturing the market, security in IoT has reached the top on the security agenda. We will discuss about hot topics in Cryptography research related to security in IoT. 3. Dr Neil Hanley, Principal Engineer, CSIT, Queen’s University - From Connected Toys to Nuclear Power Plants – Why Hardware Security Matters Neil’s expertise is in cryptographic engineering, embedded security and FPGA design, with a focus on Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs), Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) and hardware cryptographic accelerators, including for quantum resilient encryption schemes. There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub.

  • IoT Belfast 16 - AR/VR + Drones

    Ormeau Baths

    This month's event will be kindly hosted at the amazing Ormeau Baths and will be sponsored by Belfast Metropolitan College and @ConnectedNI. Because I'm a Part-Time Lecturer at Belfast Met, we tend to organise one event every year in partnership with the College. Unfortunately this means asking you to sign up on Eventbrite: Please sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/commercial-use-of-immersive-technology-vr-ar-drone-technology-tickets-51646695657 Aim to arrive at 6.30pm for an opportunity to say hello, and for some pre-event networking and snacks. The format will be 3 short 15 minute presentations, each followed by 5 minutes of questions. SCHEDULE 1. Digital Catapult Immersive Technology Lead, Nigel McAlpine, will give us an overview of how Immersive Technology - VR and AR - is being utilised in a range of sectors. You'll also be able to try some Immersive content via the Lab's VR and AR head sets and hear about their exciting new plans for the Lab's new home. 2. Steven Barr from Belfast Metropolitan College will present on the "commercial use of drones". Steven will explain how Belfast Met can help you get the necessary qualifications to fly drones at work. He'll also explain how their students are using AR/VR in combination with drones. 3. Sean Gilmour from Pubble Hill will on "Light field cameras and display systems, an overview of the future of imaging." While light field theory has been around for a hundred years its only now that processing power and manufacturing technology is available to deliver the technology. While already used in military helmet mounted displays (apache helicopter), this technology promises to replace all future displays including AR and VR systems. Learn about this game changing technology and how to implement it. There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub. Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/commercial-use-of-immersive-technology-vr-ar-drone-technology-tickets-51646695657

  • IoT Belfast 15

    The Hub

    This month Danske Bank have kindly allowed IoT Belfast to meet in their amazing new incubator on Donegall Square, called "The Hub". Please aim to arrive at 6.30pm for an opportunity to say hello, and for some pre-event networking and snacks, kindly sponsored by EY. The format will be 3 short 15 minute presentations, each followed by 5 minutes of questions. SCHEDULE: 1. Danske Bank will give us an introduction to the help they are offering local startups, and tell us about some of the technical projects that run out of their City Centre offices. 2. Neil Walker from EY will be explaining how their new GigNow.com website opens up new opportunities for local startups and SMEs. He'll also share insight regarding how EY is using Robotic Process Automation in combination with IoT. 3. David Kane will speak about his voluntary position at Farset Labs; and how they are building a community of Hackers and Makers in Belfast. A good proportion of Farset's members work in the tech sector, so there can be great opportunities to learn from other members, or collaborate. David will round off his talk with some useful tips regarding how to get started hacking and making with electronics. There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub.

  • IoT Belfast 14


    This month PwC have kindly offered to host IoT Belfast at their "Google Lab". Please aim to arrive at 6.30pm for an opportunity to say hello, and for some pre-event networking and snacks. The format will be 3 short 15 minute presentations, each followed by 5 minutes of questions. 1. Ryan Wilson from PwC will present on "Blockchain and IoT". "The connected world and the area of wearable technology faces many challenges. One of which is the protection of our most valuable and personal data. How can we be certain that only the people we give the information to are the ones looking at our data? In this talk we will look at how the application of Blockchain could be used to secure smart devices and the information they collect." 2. Brian Douglas, Coding Fury will present on "Processing IoT Data". Whether you're building a simple IoT project for your home, or processing billions of transactions per second, there are some common patterns used to send data from sensor to the cloud. In this talk we'll walk though time beginning with the "Enterprise Integration Patterns" developed by large companies in the 90's and take you right up to more modern methods for gathering and processing sensor data using NoSQL databases and streaming technologies. 3. Sean Gilmore from Purple Hill, explain "How to develop IoT products for the consumer or industrial markets". When taking a product from concept to release there are many factors that need considered. Everything from planning, materials, architecture, parts sourcing and more. This talk will give an overview of how large companies develop reliable IoT products as well as showing how smaller companies can compete. There will be a short period of networking after the presentations. Then, as is customary, we'll retire to a nearby pub.