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"No matter the type of IoT product, all security is moving deeper into hardware, and ultimately
down to the silicon layer" [Nisarg Desai, Director of Product Management at Globalsign, 26
Sept., 2017]

Attesting to this industry trend, Securepush ( is bringing their just released Secure IoT Platform
on a Chip to the U.S. From the Israeli startup scene to Denver, Kobi Tzedef, Securepush ( CEO,
will be our guest speaker on November 27th sharing their view of IoT platforms, IoT product
development and the security concerns that impacted their own product architecture.

“Mind the gap!” – While IoT products have been around for several years, IoT security has
lagged behind. We will discuss this phenomenon, its impact and what companies are doing to
address the problem.
“From end to edge” – A plethora of IoT platforms already exists on the market today. What are
the challenges platforms claim to solve? How vertically oriented are today’s platforms? Is there
an “end-to- end” platform, or is it “end-to- edge” by definition?
Round robin: We will demonstrate SignalWall ( as a live example of a secure IoT platform as a
trigger for audience participation. We look forward to an open discussion regarding the
challenges facing the product developers in the room, the expectations of IoT platforms and
other tools for the development of IoT products.