• IoT Sthlm #30: Scalability & Data


    Welcome to an evening of interesting case studies with a focus on data and security in IoT in collaboration with Forefront Consulting. Talks: Processing IoT Data from End to End with MQTT and Apache Kafka – Mic Hussey, Confluent This session discusses end-to-end use cases such as connected cars, smart home or healthcare sensors, where you integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices with enterprise IT using open source technologies and standards. MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for IoT. However, MQTT is not built for high scalability, extended storage or easy integration to legacy systems. Apache Kafka is a highly scalable distributed streaming platform, which ingests, stores, processes and forwards high volumes of data from thousands of IoT devices. This session discusses the Apache Kafka open source ecosystem as a streaming platform to process IoT data. See a live demo of how MQTT brokers like Mosquitto or RabbitMQ integrate with Kafka, and how you can even integrate MQTT clients to Kafka without MQTT Broker. Learn how to analyse the IoT data either natively on Kafka with Kafka Streams/KSQL or on an external big data cluster like Spark, Flink or Elasticsearch leveraging Kafka Connect. Bio: Mic Hussey is a Senior Systems Engineer at Confluent. After gaining his PhD in Civil Engineering, Mic has spent 20 years working as an Architect and Solutions Consultant with messaging and event processing technologies. Kafka and IoT for the retail business – Gustav Norbäcker MQTT is becoming a standard data protocol for how IoT-devices communicates. It's lightweight and easy to use. But what about high scalability and longer term storage? And what happens when we leverage this setup with Kafka, that is much more than just a regular message broker? In this talk, we'll take a look at some interesting cases with IoT-devices and Kafka and how this setup could revolutionize the retail store experience. Bio: Gustav is a senior integration architect with extensive experience from banking and retail applications. In recent years he has specialized in event streaming solutions based on Kafka and applications such as payments, sensor data and fraud detection. Prior to this, Gustav has worked with application modernization and Continuous Delivery for many years, including development process automation and software defined infrastructure. Azure Sphere – Security and Data acquisition in IoT - Peter D Lundgren Security, scalability and time to market are vital factors when launching new connected devices and services. Azure Sphere targets all of these. Peter will demonstrate the components of Azure Sphere, where they fit in to the development of new IoT devices and how to acquire sensor data to the cloud with it. Bio: Peter has been working with embedded systems in industrial applications, consumer products and automotive applications through his carreer that spans over almost 20 years. He has been working with companies like Atlas Copco, Xylem Water Solutions and Leica Geosystems and many more. ----- Drinks and snacks generously provided by Forefront Consulting.

  • IoT Sthlm #29: Connected Mobility

    United Spaces

    For this meetup in partnership with Upsys we plan to look at Scania and the future for their connected vehicles. Scania has a heavy focus on modularized architecture and micro services, and will talk about possibilities and challenges with this approach. Telenor Connexion will present a look behind the scenes of IoT. One of our speakers have a tight schedule, so he will start 18:00 sharp. Doors open from 17:30. Talks: Telenor Connexion: Martin Whitlock - Behind the scenes of IoT Scania Vehicle Performance: Andreas Ekeroth - From Monolith to Micro Service ----- Lightning talks: *If you have an idea for a lightning talk or want to share something you’ve been working on, send a message to the organisers and we’ll add you to the lineup. Mingle ----- Drinks and snacks generously provided by Upsys.

  • IoT Sthlm #28: How to connect your thing

    IIS Internetstiftelsen i Sverige

    This is a meetup on the topic of connectivity, as there are a host of new low-power networking technologies popping up; LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox... These networks allow for small amounts of data to be transmitted with little power, meaning that we now can have even smaller sensors running on batteries for even longer. The purpose is for all attendees to learn more about how they can connect their devices, and what technology to choose and why. We welcome everyone, regardless of profession (or not) and interests and try to provide something relevant for all among the presentations. Please get in touch if you want to present something or if you know of something you feel fits the theme. We always love to hear stories about actual products and projects so all meetup members (yes, YOU - no project is too small!) are welcome to share their stories about how they connect their things to the 'net. The meetup is held in English. Talks: Anders Mellbratt - BoatSense Greger Isaksson - LoRaWAN for Makers Rish Chaubhan - The Things Network update ----- Lightning talks/demos: Stuart Mendelsohn Hanna Ericksson, Business Developer @ Watty Mingle ----- *** Please note: No drinks or snacks provided at this meetup as we don't have a sponsor to provide them. (Get in touch if your company or organisation wants to sponsor our next meetup! :) About GOTO10 Goto 10 is Stockholm’s only free starting and meeting place for anyone who wants to develop their internet ideas – with or without a business idea or start-up plans. You can become a member of Goto 10. We have temporary workplaces, room for meet-ups, seminars and smaller gatherings. There’s also a café. Here, you can come without a business idea or a start-up plan. The focus is on networking, exchanging ideas and knowledge with various types of seminars and workshops. Goto 10 can also be a place for you to sit and work. The common denominator is curiosity and a love of all internet and web possibilities, for example, hackathons, programming, connecting things and people, robots, 3D printing, programming for kids, security and encryption, VR, social media, broadband and open data. We simply want your focus, just as ours, to be helping to move the internet forward. In addition to offering the opportunity to sit and work, take meetings and network, meetups and seminars are organized in all subjects that in some way move the internet forward.

  • IoT Sthlm #27: IoT Up in the Clouds


    For this meetup in partnership with Microsoft we plan to investigate and discuss how services manage, store and process the data from their IoT devices. Whether starting small or operating at scale; what are the solutions that make it easier to keep track of devices and their data? How do you choose what is relevant for you? We hear from people who have chosen or built their platform and learn what they have learnt along the way. Talks: Ruth Pozuelo Mtnez (https://twitter.com/ruthpozuelo): “Making sense of your IoT data: big or small” Dag König: "Writing a great IoT backend in the cloud" Marie Lassborn: "IoT for Smart Buildings: from sensor to Cloud" Martin Thunman: "Fog Computing: Offload the Cloud and put realtime analytics and actions at the Edge" ----- Lightning talks: Mats Karlsson: "Message handling with MQTT" *If you have an idea for a lightning talk or want to share something you’ve been working on, send a message to the organisers and we’ll add you to the lineup. Mingle ----- Drinks and snacks generously provided by Microsoft.

  • IoT Sthlm #26: IoT <3 Open Data


    The purpose of a connected device is always to benefit from the data flowing to and from that device. At this meetup we focus on Open Data and its use in IoT together with our partner Hack for Sweden (http://www.hackforsweden.se/en). Main Talks: "Sweden's Largest Open Data Hackathon - #hack4swe" by Angela Yong, Project Manager Hack for Sweden 2017 Hack for Sweden in 2017 is Sweden's largest hackathon about open data from the public sector, supported by the government and the Minister for Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi. This year the competition will be held at eGovlabs and Stockholm University’s premises in Kista and there is a new prize – Best IoT solution. A webinar in Swedish will be take place on 16th Feb 12.30pm (sign up to get more info here (https://simplesignup.se/event/89955-webbinar-infoer-hack-for-sweden))) (https://simplesignup.se/event/89955-webbinar-infoer-hack-for-sweden)). Learn more and register to attend at http://www.hackforsweden.se/en "Changing the world with a Quantified Planet" by Maja Brisvall, Executive Director at Quantified Planet Maja will inspire us with how the world will change with open real-time data, robots and self-driving cars, and share her progress with the non-profit Quantified Planet (http://quantifiedplanet.org/) and its mission to collect all the data. "IoT in public sector services" by Torbjörn Fängström, Program Director at http://iotsverige.se Torbjörn will talk about IoT Sverige and the potential of IoT to solve challenges in the public sector. "Evothings for IoT apps and LoRa" by Göran Krampe, Evothings A two part presentation about a) how to use Evothings to make hybrid mobile apps, especially for IoT, quickly and easily. b) what LoRa means for the open IoT future landscape, and how you can use it today already. ----- Lightning talks: Rish Chauhan, The Things Network – To share updates and perhaps a preview on what's happening with TTN and the gateway... Stuart Mendelsohn – Open Lidar Data in archaeology *If you have an idea for a lightning talk or want to share something you’ve been working on, send a message to the organisers and we’ll add you to the lineup. Mingle ----- Open Data in Sweden In the information society, data is core to the economy. Sweden, despite being one of the most transparent and open societies, we still have a way to go in terms of Open Data. Right now, it is not simple enough for companies and other organisations to find and use public data. The government has the responsibility of improving the situation and has accelerated its efforts through Hack for Sweden and other initiatives. Check out the available data feeds here (http://hackforsweden.se/data/) (all). Example data demonstrated using SMHI:s open data can be found here (http://opendata.smhi.se/apidocs/) + here (http://opendata-catalog.smhi.se/explore/) (SMHI only). Drinks and snacks generously provided by Hack for Sweden.

  • IoT Sthlm #25 // STHLMHW #8: Wireless


    For our next meetup we collaborate with the "Stockholm Hardware" meetup! This time we focus on "wireless". Talks start at 18:30. Main Talks: “Guide to Develop and Sell IOT products” by Thomas Tromholt, Product developer Frankly Consulting “BoatSense” by Anders Mellbratt, Concept Designer itch “Essential Ingredients when Cooking Connected Products” by Marcus Linderoth, VP Engineering Thingsquare AB Lightning talks: “The Things Network + Kickstarter” by Rishabh “Rish” Chauhan, Global Community Manager The Things Network “Current LoRa projects” by Marc Tobal, Sales Engineer, Anyway Wireless Communications “LoRa research from Neue Labs” by Francesco Laurito, Electronic Engineer Neue Labs AB “How we built a LoRa gateway” by Mijo Balic, Founder Ziggy Creative Colony get in touch at [masked] Demos, Stands & Sharing Some people & businesses will share some stuff: GPSgate there’s no cost, if you got something interesting to share then get in touch at [masked] NB! - New date!

  • Global IoT Day 2016


    Time for yet another IoT Day! Join us at THINGS for a day of IoT! Since there will be food around we need you to REGISTER HERE (http://simplesignup.se/event/74406) more info http://iotday.org and http://iotday.se

  • IoT Sthlm #24: How to get started with IoT related projects

    We're happy to co-host this meetup with HiQ (http://www.hiq.se/)! This meetup will focus on how to get started with IoT projects and how to work with IoT in an agile way. Speakers: Magnus Gens, Head of business development (and IoT strategy) at HiQ's Stockholm office. Magnus will talk about Volvo On Call (http://www.volvocars.com/se/agande/tjanster/volvo-on-call) and other digital projects, from a technical and business perspective, in order to illustrate important take-aways when starting IoT related development projects. Some questions they will raise and answer during the meetup: How can IoT projects be combined with agility? What do you need in order to develop early powerful prototypes and demonstrations for different target groups? 18.00 - Doors open 18.20 - Short intro of participants 18.30 - Speaker Magnus Gens 19.00 - Discussion 19.20 - Mingle, snacks and drinks

  • IoT Sthlm #23: IoT Prototyping


    Saturday the 20/2 we meet up at THINGS Stockholm, the IoT startup incubator near KTH for some serious (and not so serious) hacking. We are very pleased to announce that Mediatek will sponsor with hardware devices to use during the event. We can look forward to hacking with MediaTek LinkIt ONE and LinkIt Connect 7681 HDKs!!! If you have a project you're working on or just want to finally sit down and start hacking, this is the place for you. You need to know some kind of programming, but not necessarily much about IoT. We will demo how to get started quickly with IoT app development using Evothings Studio in the morning. We'll also have lot of small devices (TI Sensortags, Eddystone devices, et.c.) that you can borrow and try out, but please feel free to bring your own! Evothings AB provides food and drink during the day and the idea is to come and get to know, help and get help from other IoT hackers, developers and tinkerers. We will be able to support and help with questions on BLE, WiFi, Arduino, Cordova apps and JS coding in general. (Please make sure to bring your own laptop and smartphone + any particular development environment)

  • IoT Sthlm #22: Jfokus IoT Mixer

    Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

    Is time for a new meetup! This time it will be co-hosted by Jfokus (http://www.jfokus.se/) at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in central Stockholm 18:30 Doors open and mingle 19:00 First talk! ~ 21:00 After the talks we will be able to join the JFokus mingle at the same venue. PRESENTERS: Holly Cummins, IBM Sphere, an Application, a Server, and me Presenting the world's first cuddly, throwable application server!Computers are getting smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper.It's possible to sock computers away almost anywhere, and to connect almost anything to the internet. This talk will explore the limits of embeddable hardware and present a getting-started-guide to the internet of things. What's needed? How much does it cost? What's the best way of making an embeddable device talk to the internet? And why would you want a throwable application server? As well as hints and tips, there will be a show-and-tell session (or "demo" if you're discussing with your boss). Johan Janssen, Info Support & Jaap Papavoine, Info Support The Internet of (Lego) Trains We wanted to find out if we could use the same languages and tools on IoT hardware. We used Lego trains and Raspberry Pi?s as a sample project. The Lego trains are equipped with a Raspberry Pi, camera, wireless dongle, infrared transmitter, speaker, RFID reader and battery pack. Next to that we have automated switch tracks and camera's again with the help of Raspberry Pi's. We also build some lightning effects with LEDs controlled by Particle Photon?s. On top of that we also automated a Lego ferris wheel. To control the trains and other parts we built a Java application based on Jersey and Tomcat together with an AngularJS application. This event is hosted by Jfokus who also provide us with drinks and food – Thank you! Jfokus (http://www.jfokus.se/iot) is one of "The 50 Most Important Internet of Things Events in 2016" according to https://medium.com/@jg21/the-50-most-important-internet-of-things-events-in-2016-4a7e332b1577 – if you want to join the conference with a discount, use this link. See you there! Mo, Anders, Sophie and Daniel