What we're about

We will try to gather weekly or more, and play music and sing together.

Remember the valuable Persian nostalgic songs and also pop musics and sing them together or one by one.
The people who play the Persian instruments are really welcome!
That’s great to have weekly gatherings or even more and held it by member’s location by turn or have a weekly location, which ever sounds better by members’ decision.
Hope to create a great mood, for all of us who have missed the great Persian songs’ sense and feelings.
ما برآنيم تا بصورت هفتگي يا بيشتر دور هم جمع شويم و ترانه هاي دلنشين فارسي را همخواني يا تك خواني نمائيم.
به دوستاني كه ويولون ، گيتار، سنتور ، دمبك ،دايره مينوازند
بسيار خوشامد ميگوييم!
دورهمي در منزل أعضاء يا در يك محل ثابت اجاره اي هفتگي برگزار ميشود.براي تمام ما كه دلمان براي نواها و ترانه هاي زيباي
إيراني تنگ شده است.

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