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At Ironhack our campus is always in Openhouse-mode, also in these COVID-19 times! The only difference is that we shifted our sessions to a virtual format!

For the Info IRONIGHTS, we invite curious guests, and dedicate all our attention to the public. You can also follow us on social media @IronhackBER to get a taste of the Ironhack experience and lifestyle.

The IRONHACK OPENHOUSE presentation starts at 18:05 sharp! After this introduction the rest of the time is meant to answer all your questions about our Bootcamps:

* Web Development (
* UX/UI Design (
* Data Analytics (

We are going to discuss what the experience is like and how these skills can help you get hired anywhere in the world.

Share the event with a friend and:

• Hear about our amazing spaces
• Address any doubts about the bootcamps, the admissions process and financing options
• Meet our instructors*
• Hear about the experience from our alumni*
• Have a chat and connect with other people who can be your future classmates

*All IRONIGHTS are different!

What some of our past alumni had to say:

"What has impressed me the most is the environment at Ironhack and the way it makes it easy and fun to spend all day coding." – Nicholas Borbe

"One reason I specifically chose Ironhack was the focus on preparing us for job interviews and giving us the chance to meet companies during the hiring week. After completing the bootcamp you have a network, and more important, you learned how to make your network grow." – Feli Deutges

DISCLAIMER: Session will be recorded/ pictures might be taken!

About Ironhack

Ironhack is an international tech school that has helped +5000 people around the globe transition into a career in tech. With a 90% placement rate, +600 company partners and a supportive global alumni network , Ironhack offers an immersive bootcamp experience as well as part-time courses that teaches you the most in-demand market skills and prepares you for entering in the tech industry.

Start of the next Data Analytics & Web Dev Bootcamps on the Berlin Campus: 1st of June 2020.Start of the next UX/UI Design Bootcamp: 10th of August 2020

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