What we're about

Come and meet the IBM Watson enabled "social" robot which will be joking, dancing and chatting with attendees in our facility in Irvine California.

Our group is consist of people and entrepreneurs interested in Application of humanoid robotics in business and household, AI (Artificial Intelligence), AGI, Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning), Robotics, Neuroscience and related disciplines. Join us for interesting discussions and hands on experience about these topics. We're also aiming to cooperate on building AI software and hardware projects and generally undertake community driven R&D.

The best robot / Sanbot S1 ( www.bestrobot.us) interactive show will show off its socials skills, with a few audience members to be invited to speak with it after an onstage demonstration. Sanbot is really designed to be a companion robot, with movement capabilities but not really designed to do physical tasks as much as to be there to have a conversation with, to provide information, to get people interacting," Sanbot social robots will soon be a common sight in households, retail stores, Hospitals, schools and many, many other places ( Read more ... http://www.bestrobot.us/news ) "When you go into hospital or a healthcare facility it might be totally reasonable to be met by a robot like Sanbot, who might help you or show you around," she said.

Sanbot has the ability to speak 19 languages and has been hired by businesses around the world to work as a receptionist.

Alongside Sanbot will be a range of displays and activities that will showcase the latest robotic applications in Retail, healthcare, and education.

The Hospital of the Future showcase will feature new technology that will be important to the future of healthcare.

Best Robot US offers Robot Academy and Sanbot S1 certificate: http://www.bestrobot.us/Best-robotic-academy

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