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This group is for anyone interested in learning more about how to use contracts such as subject-to, and wrap mortgage notes in their Real Estate Investment tool belt. We meet for FREE twice monthly and we discuss what owner financing is, how to use it, and go over various case studies to illustrate real-world examples.

We also host all-day intensives once a month, in which we really break down what the strategy of owner financing is, and how to use it. The all-day's intensive's do cost $49 per person, and are only for those individuals who really want to get the most out of Real Estate Investing. The cost does come with a FREE +1, and FREE Lunch, so you will be able to bring a friend and enjoy our warm professional training center.

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Complete version of Owner Financing! Get paid to learn, Subject To, Wraps, Notes

Owner Finance Training Center


Learn how to create long-term residual income using owner financing. We will pay 3% on every deal you help find while you are learning. We will teach you how to find the deal, we will go to the house with you, we will do all the work while you watch and learn to do it on your own!!! $49.00 (includes 2 tickets with lunch included) What you can expect to learn more about during the day: 1) An understanding of how to make 150% on each house with short-term cash in your pocket and long-term mailbox money for 30 years. 2) What owner financing is 3) Commercial vs. Consumer transactions 4) The different types of owner financing 5) What am I really trying to accomplish 6) How to locate houses to buy with owner financing 7) What are your goals 8) How to structure an owner finance transaction 9) The Contracting process 10) What is an RMLO 11) The Closing Process 12) How to properly insure the property 13) Dealing with the mortgage company 14) Best times to utilize a Land Trust 15) Collections 16) Back-end operations 17) Owner Finance Note Sales LEARNING THROUGH TRAINING IS CHEAPER. You will learn from experts, who have done over 300 houses in the last 7 years. What are you waiting for? Real Estate Investing can be something you conquer! Help to provide a better life for your family and others, start today. You must register in advance tickets are 49.95 for two and includes lunch and a free ticket to bring someone with you register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/subject-to-wraps-creating-30yr-notes-learn-how-to-become-the-bank-tickets-71204298975

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Learn the "how to's" of Subject-to's and Owner Financing

Owner Finance Training Center

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