What we're about

Looking for fellow 21st century humans to build friendships, trade stories, sit around fires, play, and to share ideas about building community and connections in ways we've often lost. Seeking people who care about the world and each other.

While the writings of Daniel Quinn are the inspiration for the Ishmael group and shape its values, the group is open to all with an interest in sustainability, permaculture, ecology, good discussion, evolution, human stories, and human connection.
No absolute vision for what this group should be. Instead, it should iteratively evolve, taking shape in the ways its members choose.

Hoping to build this group online to a critical mass of perhaps a dozen humans or so, and then talk about what sort of events we might want to arrange. Discussing the books, what they've meant, how to enact more helpful stories in our personal circles and online interactions. Especially over the next 4 years. What are some ways available to us to enact some of the lessons of the Leavers?

Home hosted meetups could include viewings of things like Cosmos, nature documentaries, Baraka, or La Belle Verte, and would ideally include food cooked over fire, someone with a musical instrument, and a storyteller or two.

This meetup was just recently created. Please click join, and participate in online discussions to determine what shapes our smartphone-wielding hunter-gatherer group might take. All are equal, all are welcome. Once we've some online interest, restaurants and cafes are good spots to begin, ultimately hoping more for homes, meals, and wood fires.
Which of the event ideas below resonate with you? What are some ideas of your own?

The Northern Colorado Ishmael group is proud to be leaderless and penniless.

We are B.

Ideas for events

Fire, Food, and Drink
As ancient as it gets. Bring a potluck dish. Share time with humans.

Cosmos episode viewings
2014's Cosmos was created by Carl Sagan's widow and is a gorgeous series of 45min episodes that encourage us to see the wonder and joy in the natural world and the visionary people who help us see it. Reaching beyond the standard sci doc format, it offers a philosophy startlingly similar to Ishmael's.

Village Building
Perpetually busy schedules and a culture of individualism often mean we don't lean on and utilize each other in ways that could really help. This discussion night will center on sharing ideas for how to connect with our neighbors & friends in ways our culture doesn't often do. Exchanging occasional prepped meals, asking for and offering help on the household projects we all have, sharing bulk purchases to build connection and save money.

Green Living Exchange
Share some wine and a roundtable to exchange ideas and tips for greener living in our everyday lives. Ask questions, share advice, pool resources.

A cool way to get to know new people. Select 3 printed photos from different chapters of the past and write your first name and a few words on the back. We'll mix them all and draw randomly, giving each person a few minutes to tell the story associated with the photo and for others to ask questions.

Online Evolving
Social media obviously gives us all incredible reach to connect with people from many circles of our lives. This is a fundamentally new way of being human, and these interactions have incredible potential to shape culture at large. Ishmael offers ways of thinking about ourselves and each other that have tremendous potential to change the way we see each other.

Evolution in Merica.
Discuss our country's unique position as the sole rich nation with weak support for evolution. What effect does this have on the way we see ourselves? What are appropriate and simple ways to combat creationism in schools? What are helpful & honoring ways to talk with religious friends when topics touch on evolution?

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